Thursday, March 7, 2013

Better Doesn't Have a Finish Line

Apparently, this is written on a billboard somewhere. My first thought was immediately positive. Life is a journey. No matter what, I can always be better.

I have the opportunity to continue to improve. I am not stuck or stagnant. I can get better. 

I heard this phrase come out of one of my teacher's mouths this week and I was immediately put at ease.

What a warm, hopeful sentiment, I thought.

And then - completely unknowingly - she took my perception and turned it on its head. To her, this meant that no matter how much she practiced, she would never achieve perfection.

I think there is some part in all of us that is striving for perfection, so, my next question is; if you could achieve it, what would you do once you got there? Wouldn't you still want to be better? If you didn't, isn't that similar to accepting defeat in some ways? Similar to giving up?

To keep from falling down the rabbit hole in a perpetual need for perfection, the key for me is accepting and loving where I am now and knowing that each day I will continue to work towards better - and that makes me happy.

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