Friday, February 14, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 6

Happy Valentine's Day!
Here's what I did for my workouts this week...

Wednesday night I went back to Cardio Barre for the first time this year. They changed the schedule a little while back so they don't have advanced classes at 630 on Tuesdays anymore, which was really the best time for me to go. I have to leave work a little early to make it to the 530 class on Monday or Wednesday, so I don't go very often anymore, but it was a great workout on Wednesday. I was home by 645 and able to have a nice dinner with my honey.

Thursday night the wonderful, Alyssa from Double Chin Diary, brought some friends and came out to my class! I am so so happy she did! It was great to meet her and chat and do yoga. She is seriously, so wonderful and I am thrilled to know her. She even wrote a little blurb about her yoga experience thus far on her blog.

After my class I wasn't super motivated to go running at the gym, so I just went home and had breakfast for dinner.

Friday night I was back at Ashtanga. It's a tough class, but I love that every week I am challenged to try new things. Who knew arms could wrap around people like that? Certainly not me. We did kind of the same thing as last week though  - which was a touch of a let down for me since I've only gone through a handful of classes and feel strong enough to do more poses, but don't have the sequence memorized at all. The last half hour of class I felt like I was just kind of laying around, maybe doing a backbend or something here and there.

Saturday I slept in sooooo late. Then I taught a private yoga lesson and went to the gym in the later afternoon. I ran 6 miles on the treadmill. It took me just about an hour. I almost stopped at 4 miles, but then 4 came around and I thought I could do another pretty easily... and another. So I just kept going. Around 5 and a half I got pretty tired, so I pushed through the last half mile and called it quits.

Sunday morning I skipped boxing to teach the sankalpa shakti flow. Later we went to the gym and I was not super motivated, so I just did the stationary bike for 30 minutes. I don't feel awesome about that decision, but I decided to make up for it the next day.

Monday morning I taught flow, then after work I had a private with my friend. Then I hauled my little tush back out to the gym for a little jog. I ran 3 miles. I really felt like I needed to burn the extra calories. All weekend I really ate terribly - cookies, fish sticks, enchiladas. I don't even... ugh.

Tuesday boxing night I was happily back at boxing. I don't know if it was me or the class, but I wasn't nearly as wiped out by the end as I usually am. I think I just didn't push myself as hard as I usually do.

How was your week? Got any big plans for love day?

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