Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Then & Now

Last week, my friend Alyssa from All Things Beautiful tagged me to participate in a Then & Now series. Even though I look back at my 19 year old self and cringe a little bit, I thought it would be fun to see how much I've changed over the past decade.
I even popped by my parents' house this morning to look through my old albums (2004 was the last year I printed my 35mm photos) and saw pretty much exactly what I was doing and how I was looking this time ten years ago.

Then: 2004 - Age 19
Now: 2014 - Age 29

Crushing On
Then: Johnny Depp
Now: Chris Helmsworth. Thor, all the way. (And my hubby, obviously)

Then: Aloof, independent, a little dramatic.
Now: Probably still a little aloof, but every day I work on being more in the moment, friendly and aware.

Then: Long and messy, lots of kinky, frizzy curls with lots of product
Now: Medium long and slightly more tame. I like to think of it as "hippie chic"

Then: I don't know if you could call what I had back then "style" - a little rocker-ish. I just wore what fit... A lot of black and I had a lot of piercings.
Now: I still wear a lot of black, but usually its yoga clothes. Other than that I'm typically in jeans and sandals with some kind of loose, flowy top.

Then: The Bachelor, Sex and the City
Now: Being Human, True Detective

Then: Metallica, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters,
Now: Everything  - from new age yoga stuff to metal to classic rock to pop to country. I am in it to win it.

Then: What are these books you speak of?
Now: I have a whole list of books I'm trying to get to this year, but so far I haven't gotten to any of them!

Then: Rock concerts (the above bands), the beach, shopping
Now: Travel as much as I can, trying to explore more in my own backyard too, going to fun new restaurants

Then: Sing in a rock band, become famous, the usual.
Now: Be awesome and happy and spread awesomeness and happiness around. Very vague, I know.

And just for fun, I've decided to tag some of my blogging buddies - Claire, Amy, and Kim. I hope you will join in on this too! My ten year HS reunion was a year and a half ago, (Kim was there, actually - Hi Kim! ;P)  so I did a lot of reminiscing somewhat recently, but it's been pretty cool going back to just those first couple years of college. HS was not my jam, but college - college, I kinda dug.

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