Monday, February 3, 2014

January Cure; Week 5

January came to a close on Friday. This past weekend was Super Bowl partying and Super Bowl prep.

I'm really not sure if any of the items left in the living room or spare bedroom will get finished any time soon. For example, instead of fixing the coffee table, we may just buy a new one. The current table is looking rough and it gets moved around so much - though I really couldn't tell you why - that the legs are just going to get wobbly again. We have talked about tightening the legs and refinishing it though, so who knows what will happen (or when).
And I tend to just get lost in the spare room. There's a light at the end of the tunnel in there, but I really couldn't put a timeline on when I think I'll actually be done going through that stuff. One thing at a time though. One thing at a time.

Living Room
Replace the front door knob/handle (in progress, the wood is filled, but now we need to sand and paint)
Replace the garage door knob (relies on the completion of the front door since we're just moving the knob)
Fix wobbly coffee table legs
Tile around the fireplace

Dining Room - DONE!

Spare Bedroom
Just generally go through the whole room. (in progress)

Master Bedroom - DONE!

Master Bathroom - DONE!

As for Apartment Therapy's daily assignments, it went down something like this...

Catch up - I had a lot of items on my catch-up list. Twist ties for all the cords, get back into the guest room before it gets out of control again, get rid of my old iMac, get rid of or find new homes for the old nightstands. I still haven't tied up the cords, but everything else is on track.

Hang that Artwork - Skipped. I'm not hanging anything. Maybe a clock in the dining room, but that's not on my list, so, it's waiting. I did talk to my sister about it though. It's at her house. I just have to go get it.

60 Minute Quick Clean - I decided to do this on Friday and Saturday - "spruce up the public areas" - in prep for our Super Bowl gathering. I used Thursday to catch up on laundry so I could make Friday and Saturday dedicated clean up time.

The Last Lap; Gather Some Goodies - This is basically party prep, which I was doing anyway because, duh, Superbowl. Chips and booze and snacks. Hubs made pizza. I made pecan bars and lemon bars. We had beer and tea and lemonade... and we always have a good supply of liquor.

Enjoy the Partay - Once I got the house all shiny and clean, it was really easy to enjoy the party. I didn't even need to get fresh flowers. I just pulled out some of the not-so-hot looking ones and they were good as new.

I also randomly decided to go through our liquor stash and move it to the cabinet under the wet bar. We'd previously kept paper towels and trash bags down there, so I thought it'd be better to switch them. Move the booze to the bar and the paper towels and trash bags to the kitchen.

So, that's it, y'all. January cure = finito. Surreal that it's over, and I'm still gonna be working on projects in my house throughout the year, but yeah, that's it. Thanks for following along, and if you're just joining in, you can see my updates for the whole month here, here, here, and here.

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