Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 39

Wednesday I taught Mommy and Baby. It was pretty mellow compared to last week, so I decided to do some Dance Central Spotlight when I got home from work. I only did a half hour - as opposed to my usual 50 minutes. It was hot and hubs got home from the gym right as my half hour was coming to a close, and since I don't really like working out in the living room when he's home - other parts of the house I'm OK with, oddly - I decided to skip the 20 minute set I usually do. Plus I need to download more music for that game. I'm already sick of half the songs - mostly because they're majorly overplayed on the radio. I think if I hear Royals one more time I may stab someone.

Thursday night I was back on my mat for some power yoga. I was a little apprehensive earlier in the day because I didn't sleep very well the night before - lots of waking and vivid dreams - but I committed to completing the hour and a half long practice no matter how many breaks I had to take. I actually did really well. I took my time getting into and out of the poses and just listened to my body.

Friday night I went to Bollywood dance. We learned his choreography to Jai Ho. It was a lot of fun. I wore KT tape to support my belly. I think it helped. I didn't notice the baby hanging out super low or making me uncomfortable, so I'm gonna give credit to the tape.

Saturday my only exercise was a short walk with Panda bear on the beach. We went to Malibu as a late anniversary celebration weekend. It was lovely. I was actually amazed by how winded I got just walking up and down the beach. Sheesh!

Sunday we took another short beach walk. Later in the evening - once we were back in the Valley -  we went to the gym. I hadn't been feeling great most of the afternoon, but by around 4, I was better. We walked on the treadmill and watched the Niners game together. It was actually kind of fun. Ended up walking for over an hour. Not normally my cup of tea, but I had music and exercise, so watching the game without sound and getting the occasional high five from the hubs was fun. I did end up getting a little too high impact about halfway through. I didn't think I would need KT tape to walk on the treadmill, but I probably should have used it.  I had to go into the exercise studio and do a handstand to get Thor out of my pelvis... again. Oy.

Monday night I had my weekly yoga date. It was cut a little short to get my girlfriend's baby to bed, but we still got a decent amount of flow in.

Tuesday night I took Power Yoga. Though it was a great class, it wasn't the regular teacher. I had kind of a weird time adjusting to the pacing and the holds. Plus longer holds are harder for me now, so I found myself getting ants in my pants.

How was your week?

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