Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 40

Wednesday I did nothing. Well, not nothing - I walked from Volkswagon to Whole Foods and back for a grand total of about a half mile walk. Haha. I had my TDAP vaccine and flu shot on Tuesday. I usually am not into flu shots (this was the first one I'd had in my whole life), but I am into protecting unborn children (specifically mine). Tuesday night I had - what I am going to call - a reaction to one or both injections. Obvs I felt like I had been punched hard in the shoulders, but on top of that I was up all night. I had chills. I think I had a fever at one point. No bueno. I called and spoke to a nurse, we went over some stuff and decided I didn't need to come in and get checked out. When I got up in the morning I told the girl at the studio I would be cancelling my class that day, and later in the evening I opted to stay in and rest. Go me.

Thursday night I did yoga with my mom and her friends. She taught a more challenging class than I've typically taken with her, which was actually perfect for me since I wanted to feel like I was working out in some way. It was more of a flow, and therefore, more my style.

Friday night I took Bollywood dance. We're still doing the Jai Ho dance. I guess there's some kind of showcase at the studio coming up and he's decided that this will be the dance they do. I am not planning on participating in it because I have no idea when it is or how pregnant (or possibly post-pregnant) I'll be by then, but it's fun to learn the choreography and dance around Bollywood style. I wore my KT tape for the second week in a row. I do think it's helping.

Saturday hubs and I took care of a ton of errands. It was a super productive day, including a Costco trip, Good Will drop off, and car maintenance. We also watched a good chunk of the Bama game together while walking on the treadmill. We were there walking for over an hour. I wore tape this time. I think it helped, but I did still feel some pressure/discomfort in my pelvis. It wasn't as bad as last week though, so I will give the tape some credit. I did not need to go flip upside down this time. I thought I might try to jog a little bit, but I decided against it. As much as I want to push myself, it will have to wait until my organs are all back where they're supposed to be.

Sunday I taught a flow class in the morning and then took prenatal yoga in the afternoon. There are still some things about prenatal yoga that I do not like, and some things that I just love - any and all side and upper back stretches, I could do all day. Hip circles though? Not for me. I don't get them.

Monday night I had my weekly yoga date. We tried to start a little earlier this time so we could get in a bit more of a workout before she had to put her little one down. We did ok, but I struggled a little bit coming up with our flow.

Tuesday night I taught my regular class, but I didn't have time for a workout after because I started my GUITAR LESSONS! I'm super excited about that, but it's not a workout, so... maybe another post. :P

How was your week?

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