Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fit Mama; Week 3

Monday (Day 14) would have been my rest day, but since I rested on Saturday, Monday was Kenpo X. This happened to line up with the day Joe started taking semi regular naps, SO, he sat and watched me from his rocker for half the workout and then passed out. I had a pretty good workout. Not super tough, but Kenpo is one of the easier ones.

Tuesday I jumped right into week 3 Day 15 with some Chest & Back. I put Joe down for his second nap around 330, and he stayed down for about 40 minutes in his rocker. He lasted about another 25 minutes without totally losing it. I was able to make it through most of Ab Ripper X too! Only had 4 moves left before I had to feed him. Then I finished and showered after he ate. I was really pleased with my workout overall. I managed some really great sets of pushups, and I felt so much stronger during abs than the last time I attempted it!

On Wednesday for day 16, I decided it was time to attempt Plyometrics. I remembered how hard this workout was when I'd done it before, so I put it off as long as I could. Up until a few hours before my workout, I was still contemplating doing Cardio X instead. I stuck to my guns though! Pressed play on some plyo and got my heart rate up and a good sweat going. I felt really bad when Joey got cranked and wanted to put his head on my chest, but it was all sweaty. ;/ So, I grabbed a burp cloth and put it between his face and my chest. That was about halfway through. After the freak out, he napped through most of the rest of my workout.
Earlier in the day, Joe and I also started practicing for baby & me yoga. He's so helpful - such a good ~10 lb weight. ;)

Thursday ended up being a rest day. We went to our mommy & me class in the morning and by the time we got home we we're beat.

Friday I started Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X at 10:30am... and I finished my workout at 1pm. It's an hour and 15 minute long workout. There was some baby drama to say the least, but at least I finished my workout, right? 

Saturday I put Joe in his crib to stare at the flowers on the wall for a minute and he fell asleep. He stayed asleep for the entirety of Yoga X. I didn't have to stop once. I held back a little in some of the poses. It just didn't feel right to wrap my arms in right angle yet - though it's already more comfortable than last week. I also was able to hold crow pose a lot longer this time around. I was pretty happy.

Sunday I was scheduled to do Legs & Back, and I did... kind of. I subbed my first class since having a baby, and that kind of threw off my whole schedule for the day. It was so great to be teaching again! I loved it so much. Had some rust to shake off, but the class went really well. I think it was a class I would have liked to take. I did a lot of demoing too... more than I did toward the end of my pregnancy anyway. After I taught I ran a mile on the treadmill. I might have done more, but I forgot headphones and I was bored and focusing on how tired I was. Then I came home and did 30 minutes of Legs & Back before dude got fussy, then hubs got home, so we showered and went on a family trip to the park.

How was your week?

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