Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fit Mama; Week 5

I'm really bad about getting these up in a timely manner. Sorry, sort of. I have an infant.

Monday week 4 came to a close with core synergistics and a walk - 2 miles with my dude. I'm still having issues with my left wrist so all the push-up stuff was not fun, but I don't think I did any further damage, so at least there's that.

Tuesday was the first day of week 5 of p90x. That means the start of "phase 2". I've been to the start of phase 2 before. I've never made it to phase 3. I always get bored (or last time I got pregnant and decided I should be doing other workouts instead). The chest, shoulders & triceps workout is another push-up heavy workout. So I closed out with some wrist tenderness. Womp womp. Followed it up with ab ripper - per the schedule - and earlier that day the little guy and I went for a walk.

Wednesday I was text complaining to the hubs that I didn't want to do plyo. I tried to negotiate a way for him to get home earlier so I could go for a run (I mean, I've got a marathon to train for), but it didn't work out. Later in the day I got my energy up and was ready to tackle plyo. As always, it wasn't as bad as I expected. Also took the dude on another  and walk

Thursday was weird/tough. Our computer got all wonky and I had to get creative with the disc for my back & biceps workout. I ended up wimping out of the end of my workout, but I did go for my 2.5 mile walk earlier that afternoon.

Friday night hubs got home early enough that I could go to the gym! Woot! I ran two miles on th treadmill for the first time since last summer. It felt amaaaaazing, and again, earlier that day little dude and I went for a walk. 

Saturday I did p90x legs & back and ab ripper x. Had a cranky dude toward the end so it was a baby incorporated workout, beginning with toe-roll iso lunges). I didn't get to do all of ab ripper because some of the moves are just not possible while holding a baby. I don't feel bad about it ;)

Sunday I drove out to pre/postnatal yoga! Some if the girls I met while pregnant (all of whom have had their babies) and I planned a little semi reunion. It was so fun! It was a nice mellow workout/stretch with some more challenging parts for those of us who wanted. 

That's all for last week. Better get going on this weeks post! :P

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