Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fit Mama; Week 4

Time gets away from you taking care of a tiny one. I don't remember much by way of specifics about these workouts, but I did do them - at least I'm sure of that.
Not only is this post late, but I don't have a picture for it. These posts are mostly for me anyway, amiright? ;)

Week 4 of P90X is straight core/cardio/stretching. So I did not lift a single weight last week.

This week also commenced dude taking semi-regular naps. So whenever he starts to get sleepy I put him down in his crib and workout next to him. He usually sleeps through most of my workout. If he wakes up cranky, I either nurse him or incorporate him into my workout to keep him happy. If he wakes up happy, I can usually finish my workout. :)
Monday was Kenpo X. I've set up so now I work out almost completely in the nursery right next to the crib. He slept through most of my workout, and I even managed Ab Ripper X that I was supposed to do the day before.

Tuesday ended up being a rest day. I don't remember why. That's real life.

Wednesday I did yoga X - again in the nursery. I'm getting stronger. I've been doing a lot of the push-ups after vinyasas  now. It's so nice to feel sort of strong again.

Thursday another rest day. We have mommy & me on Thursdays now, and since it takes a lot if planning to get a workout in, I didn't want to worry about having to schedule it in around our afternoon out. 

Friday was core synergistics. I forgot how hard that workout can be. Chutarunga runs are a cruel form of workout torture. In general it's a fun workout though. I might even go so far as to say I missed it. 

Saturday I did Kenpo X. I'm getting bored with it. That could be a problem since still have 2 months of P90X to go.

Sunday I did  yoga x. I had a relatively cranky boy in my hands through a good chunk of he workout. I incorporated him into A LOT of the workout, which was challenging for sure.  

That's it for last week.
Today is the last day of this weeks workouts so hopefully I'll have that post ready soon. ;P

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