Monday, December 31, 2012

30 x 30; Buy a New Car

I mentioned this not so very long ago; when I graduated high school and turned 18, my parents bought me a car - what a lucky girl, right?
I drove that car for 10 1/2 years. It was nearing the end of its time with me and we were looking at possibly trading it in for something newer and a little more grown up. It also happened that buying a new car was one of the items on my list of 30 x 30.

Then December 10th happened, and after a week and a half of calls to the insurance company, it was finally determined that I would never see my little car that could again. Trade-in plans were foiled, new car plans were seriously expedited, but trying to stay on the bright side - this meant I was getting a shiney new car.

I started my research and we decided we would go after Christmas (because they would certainly have the best deals then...right?)
Online research told me that VW had the best year end deals - seriously, Sign Then Drive, check it out. So, a few days before Christmas we headed over to our local VW dealer to compare models and get a better idea of what kind of deal we might get. We decided that a Passat would be the best fit for me. It got just as good MPG as the smaller Jetta, and it should still suit my needs when I'm in my mid to late 30's and *hopefully* have a family to tote around.
The sales guy opened up with an amazing deal - dude, its the end of the year - and we went home to think about it.
Then I remembered something kinda important... I know a guy.

That's right. I graduated from high school with someone who now works for VW, and thanks to the magic of facebook, I was able to reach out to him to see if his dealership could beat the price we were offered at our local dealer.

We texted about colors and financing and all that kind of fun stuff over the holiday, and come December 29th, we didn't really have any negotiating to do. We walked in, he knew what we wanted, got us the best deal he could, and I drove home in a BRAND NEW CAR!!! (cue Bob Barker V.O.)

The whole thing is still bittersweet, though I'm beginning to get past the bitter and focus on the totally effing sweet. I love my new car. It's super nice without being over the top. It has everything I need and even a little that I don't, but that's the way cars are nowadays, right? We were even able to get the extended warranty and still stay within our price point. Uh-maze-ing.

Happy New Year to you and happy new car to me! ;)

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