Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmases 2012

Christmas celebrations started early for our family this year. Big sis and I got ourselves all up and married in the last few years, so we now have to divide our Christmases between our family and our husbands'. We were alternating which Christmas to be home with our parents, so Tim & I haven't seen them on Christmas in 3 years. :(

Starting next year, we have officially changed the schedule and we will both be at our parent's on the same year...

But this year, we got an extra Christmas celebration by gathering on the 21st (after little sis got into town, but before big sis left) so we could exchange gifts, eat dinner together, and decorate a gingerbread house.

Our second night of celebration was on Christmas Eve. Back to my parents' house we went. We ate delicious food and relaxed. My dad printed a heavily abridged version of A Christmas Carole and we "acted" it out in the living room before exchanging gifts and playing our gift game. My cousin's 7 year old daughter was the only real kid there, so it was fun watching her open all of her presents.


Christmas day was flavored with a sprinkling of drama. It was inevitable, I guess. We had to rearrange our plans a bit when we found out that my inlaws would be arriving at our house at 10am to drop off everything of Tim's that they'd cleaned out of storage.

Tim and I were up at 9 to give each other our gifts. He got me an amazing Manduka Pro yoga mat and I got him a giant tool chest for the garage.

Our garage is now full of boxes we have to sort through from Tim's parents. After we got them unloaded, we exchanged gifts with them, had a cup of coffee, and hubs wanted to show them the vacation video my bro-in-law made (its basically the coolest thing ever).
After that we went back to my parents house. Exchanged more gifts, made a quiche (I'd never made one before, so I was pretty excited), played games, and watched White Christmas. It was late when we got home.

Camille was not happy watching City Slickers

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

I can't believe 2013 is only a few days away! I have so much I need to get together! Are you ready?

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