Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recap Fall 2012

When does fall officially end? Are the seasons different because I'm in SoCal? Does that kind of cancel out winter?

I'm confusing myself.

Here's my "Fall" aka mid-September through Early December in Instagram...

We started off with a bang. Our anniversary wasn't even over when sickness crept into our house.

I made caramel mocha brownies to make myself feel better. It was mostly spiritual. ;)

My mom trained me to takeover as designated maker of fig pinwheel cookies.
I still haven't made them by myself. I'm not ready yet.

We did sunset yoga until the sun was setting too early. I love love loved it.

Isabelle wanted lots of colors on her birthday cake. Rainbow cake. Duh.

Fall is time for football - Alabama football if you want to be specific.

I crave strawberry shortcake more than any other dessert ever.

Yoga teacher training started. It's amazing. I feel enlightened every day. Seriously.

I cleaned out my car!

Tree trimmers broke our skylight. Epic fail. We patched it up with this perfectly sized Amazon box.

The power went out, so I spent a while in the afternoon practicing my inversions.

I took a solo trip to Florida for an old friend's wedding.

I got super carsick on the way to the airport. Had to have froyo for breakfast. Everything was better.

The hotel had free drink service in the morning. I added a bagel to help me deal with my jet lag.

These most amazing beautiful people got married. Love. I wish they lived in California, so we could have more of them in our lives.

I started drinking peppermint iced lattes in my honorary bridesmaid cup almost every morning.

So yummy.

Butternut squash soup.

Rosemary Sourdough

I had a moment of enlightenment. I've also been getting better at keeping things simple, not overreacting, stating how I feel, why I feel that way, and then letting go. It's pretty cool.

This has a lot to do with what we're learning in yoga, which is a big part of why I love it so much.

I worked from 9 to 9 on tax day. I was so tired, ate pizza at my desk. It was a rough day.

Pecan apple spice bread. I made it until we had no more apples.

I kind of want some right now.

Mocha cake with espresso buttercream for my bro-in-law's birthday.

Bear snuggles. Look at that faaaaaace!!!

I started having breakfast at the kitchen table instead of on the road. I'm convinced it's one of the secrets of happiness.

Halloween cookies. This was my favorite. I wouldn't let anyone eat him because I liked his sneaky vampire smile.

It took them a month, but the skylight was finally replaced!

We don't even know for sure who broke it, and don't really care. I just called the HOA a billion times until someone fixed it.

Alabama football has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster this season.

Another wonderful, amazing and beautiful friend of mine got married. I need to stop raving about how much I love my friends. It's probably annoying.

I don't care. Friend, if you're reading this, I love you. I'm so glad I finally got to meet your husband. :P

We voted. It was Tim's first time at a polling place. He was disappointed. I don't know how you can ever be disappointed with friendly elderly folk.

It rained.

And the sky was beautiful, and it rained some more.

Teacher training. Note taking. Savasana.

Needed a mala. Made one. Hubs calls it my blasphemous Rosary.

Thanksgiving happened. There were two of them.

Also, 10 year high school reunion. So strange, but awesome. I'm cheap, so I didn't want to cough up the cash for the real reunion, so a bunch of us met up for drinks prior to the reunion so we could still see people. I kind of loved it.

I did a juice cleanse.

My mom and I hosted a holiday boutique for her ceramics and mark.

Christmas decorations went up and gifts went under the tree.

I guess that makes it winter now, right? I'm all ready for Christmas. It's been raining quite a lot around these parts. That's the same as snowing in parts of the world where real weather happens. ;)

Was your Fall as jam packed as mine was? Winter is quickly becoming my favorite season. I spoke to a client a few days ago in Switzerland. I can only imagine how beautiful the snow there must be. Pretty jelly.

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