Friday, May 9, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 18

Wednesday (P90X Day 49) was technically a rest day, but like I said in my last workout recap post, I took Tuesday to rest, so Wednesday I did mommy & baby yoga with my class, and then after work, I did Kenpo X.

Thursday I decided I would rather do Core Synergistics from home instead of yoga  (Day 50), and since I knew I wouldn't have a chance to workout later in the day (because we'd be on an airplane). Hubs was working from home downstairs, so I did my best not to make too much noise as I jogged in place and jumping jacked. It ended up being a great workout.

Friday (51) morning I did a short yoga routine on my own in the hotel room. I wasn't super motivated and I didn't have a mat, so my hands were slipping around a lot on the carpet, but I did get about a half hour in, with some good warming, energizing stuff, so I was satisfied.

Saturday (52) morning I looked up the Core Synergistics routine online and did it on my own sans DVD in the hotel room while hubs was at the gym. I decided it was easier to do in a hotel than Kenpo or Yoga, so I would just switch them around when I got home.

Sunday (53) was rest day, and good thing since it ended up being a long travel day.

Monday (54) I taught yoga twice and did most of the practice both times. I felt good about that and called it my exercise for the day.

Tuesday (55) night I took Power Yoga. I felt so so so good to get back on my mat in a class. I think I've talked about this before. Doing a solo practice is great, but there is something so much more meditative about being about to just turn off my brain and follow instructions. I can focus on my body and what it's feeling and I don't have to think, "should I be pushing myself with more challenging poses?" "should I have warmed up more before I do this next pose?" "what should I do next?".

This concludes Phase 2 of P90X. I have kind of wimped out after being sick a week or so ago and feeling swamped with life since I got back from my break, but I'm ready to tackle phase 3 head on. Let's go!

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