Friday, May 16, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 19

I'm pretty convinced this heatwave we're having, combined with the relatively high winds, have made me feel generally crappy this week. Allergies plus heat equals nooooo buenoooooo, but I persevered.

Wednesday (56) I taught my mommy & baby class and it was fantastic. I had so much energy and did 95% of the workout, only coming out of plank once to help with one of the babies.

Thursday (57) I taught my afternoon class - ended up doing a good bit of the poses - and then went back home and got into week 9 of P90X and did the Chest & Back workout, which I hadn't done in a while. I felt really good to get back into it. I can't believe I only have a month of P90X left.

Friday (58) I was not feeling well. I went to bed at 9 without a workout.

Saturday (59) I didn't have a set "workout". I did some yoga on my own even though it was supposed to be Shoulders & Arms day. I've told you, it's phase 3 and I'm bored.

Sunday (60) I did a little yoga on my own, which is what I was supposed to do anyway, but I also got up early and went for a jog, which was nice, since I hadn't gone running in a while, but it was hard... because I hadn't gone running in a while. It was definitely motivation to get back into it, especially since I only have 39 miles to go to reach my updated goal.

Monday (61) I taught class in the morning and did P90X Legs & Back when I got home from work. It felt so good to workout my legs. They needed it. I love squats and lunges. My legs love them, my butt loves them, but my legs and butt were very vocal (so to speak) the next few days, crying out in soreness.

Tuesday (62) I did not do Kenpo, like I was supposed to. I took Power Yoga. I really like taking Power Yoga on Tuesdays after I teach my class. I just drag my mat in, let go of e'rythang, and get my amazing workout and stretch. I wish I had time to take more yoga. Even taking class once a week, I still miss just being a student.

Also, totally random, but I have no yoga or workout related pictures from this week. It was weird. I got my phone out on Wednesday morning to flip through and see what to put on this post and nada, so that's why this week's picture is of my breakfast Monday morning, which was really yummy, by the way.

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