Friday, August 29, 2014

Yoga Baby; Week 26

 Week 26

It only took six and a half months, but look at that, an actual bump. Haha. We had a growth spurt this week. That's more that a couple cheeseburgers.
It's been a busy week...

Lots happening with me and the tiny one...

Cravings: I'm just constantly hungry. Even when I'm full I'm thinking about what I'll eat next. I've been wanting some cake or donuts or similar lately. Haven't gotten around to that. Maybe that's why I still want it.

Aversions: No outright aversions. I just get home from work, look in the full fridge and think how I am really hungry, but not in the mood for any of what's in there.

Energy:  I feel fine, but I wipe out quickly. I get a lot of second winds - if you can even call them that. I'll work on a project for a while, tire out or get bored, and then get back up and on it again with equal or even more vigor.

Missing: Fitting in small spaces - like between my car and the closed garage door. I also miss my pants. Hahaha. Good thing it's too hot for pants anyway. I'm pretty excited to wear shirts with sleeves again when it cools down.

Feeling: Bigger. Last week was the first week that my friends and family have deemed it acceptable to tell me I actually look pregnant, so hooray there!
More and more people are emboldened into asking, so I guess I look pregnant and not chubby - but not pregnant enough to just assume I'm pregnant. The woman at Costco on Monday stared at me in utter disbelief when I told her I'm 6 (now 6 1/2) months. She said "you're not even showing!" and my mom and I said - almost in unison - "Yes I am!" and "Yes she is!" (because we know what I used to look like, lol) but the dental hygienist on Tuesday said "I don't want you to think I'm rude, but are you expecting?" I don't know if that was because of my belly or my bleeding gums or a combination of both. She could have just looked at the form where I'd just circled YES under "Are you currently pregnant?"

Movement: What I thought were intense kicks may have actually been regular bouts of hiccups. It makes way more sense that a "kick" that strong would actually be more of an entire body convulsion. Plus they're supposed to get hiccups a few times a day, and that sounds just about right. Also, the placement of the placenta should actually make it more difficult for me to feel him. I do feel him move in a not sudden jerky way sometimes - not as often though. And I like to tell him good morning the first time I feel him move each day.

Wearing: Leggings with long tops/tunics, fold-over skirts, a couple more pairs of maternity jeans, and a friend told me about Cake nursing bras being on sale on Zulily, so I bought a couple of those. I was hesitant to buy any nursing bras because the internet says you should wait until 2 weeks prior to your due date, but my boobs appear to have plateaued (at least for now) on the journey to giant, so I went for it.
I got two more pairs of maternity jeans. I like wearing skinny jeans still, which seems like an oxymoron, but its not like the tops of the jeans are skinny. It's actually a little difficult to get the jeans over my feet - especially my heels - which I wasn't originally worried about, but the more often I wear jeans, the more concerned I am that as I get bigger and it gets more difficult to bend over, I will need someone (the hubs) to help me get them over my feet.

Yoga: Is getting harder. Well, all exercise is getting harder. I wrote about a Saturday class I took on my last workout recap. It was toooooough even though it was so simple.

Can't Live Without:  Still my body pillow and ice water. Did you see my ice bucket challenge? Hahaha. I crack myself up. I got the idea from a friend of mine, but a handful of other friends copied me too - especially the pregnant ones.
I also have two new(ish) mom friends from prenatal yoga and we all have the same body pillow from BBB.

Getting Ready? Sort of. I put some shelves in the closet and organized what little baby stuff we have in there - about 3 onesies, a few stuffed animals, books, a swaddle. It really made me realize how little we have. I think this weekend I'm going to tackle putting up the wall decals.
We got rid of the double bed in the guestroom last weekend, and we have a new dresser/changer. Crib and rocker coming soon. They're picked out. We just need to get them.

I'm working on organizing and getting rid of everything that's ended up in that room over the years. Turning it from a misc/junk/office/guest room into a baby's room is quite the challenge, but another thing I've found is that I really like to keep busy. Especially since we cancelled cable/satellite. I can't just sit down and zone out, and I can't justify wasting time watching crap I'd otherwise have no interest in. I can put on a podcast and get into a project though.

I set a time to talk to our insurance agent about adding life insurance to our policies. It's one of those things he's mentioned almost every time we talk since he's been our agent (4 years), and we always said "as soon as we have kids"... and now we have one coming, so life insurance time it is.

Just over 3 months left! Here's a little photo recap of the bump's growth since I started blogging about it. Pretty slow but steady until these last two weeks when he just blew up.

Am I missing anything? I keep adding categories for things I think of that I didn't have a place for before, but I'm wondering if there is anything in particular I should be covering? Ideas? Suggestions?

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