Saturday, January 5, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 1

I've decided to start a new series. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't, but like most things on this blog (sorry, y'all) I'm doing it for me. I've slacked off in terms of tracking my workouts and progress, and since it's a new year (YAY 2013!), there is no better time than now to introduce a yoga/workout wrap-up on my blog. I'm pumped! Let's do this...

Sunday 12/30 - I went to IPY for Sankalpa Shakti flow, but there was some miscommunication with the studio and no one showed up to teach the class. So, I went home, rolled out my MandukaPRO (most amazing xmas present), and pressed play on some P90X2 yoga. It was a lot easier than I remembered, but it was really nice to practice and home and go at my own pace. It reminded me that I need to start coming up with my own sequencing.

Monday 12/31 - Bizarro schedule at IPY and make-your-own-work-holiday meant I dropped in for Linda's Power Yoga class at 9am. She must have decided we needed to sweat out all the toxins from 2012 because she kicked our asses. Lots of balancing on one leg, eagle, and crow, any and every challenging thing you can think of. I am finally getting the hang of eagle though. I can tuck my toes and stay balanced, but now I am having a tough time folding over my standing leg - if it's not one thing, then its another.

Tuesday 1/1 - NEW YEARS DAY! Everything was closed and I wasn't super motivated anyway. ;)

Wednesday 1/2 - Back to YTT from "winter break". I took the first hour of Power Yoga before ducking out for YTT. She took it easy on us, but I was off balance when I left because I only did ardha chandrasana on one side before leaving.

Thursday 1/3 - I got a pedicure. Got to have pretty toes when you're barefoot all the time. ;)

Friday 1/4 - I got up early for Prana Shakti yoga. I'm still having a rough time with Oming on the exhale, but... Tracee misheard me when I said I wanted to practice headstand and had us all practice HANDSTAND! Holy moly! It was so hard, but she was so helpful - showing us which muscles to engage to be able to stay up longer with our feet off the wall.

Saturday 1/5 - I did my usual morning at the studio. I did my 8am Power Yoga practice with Jonathan and asked Linda if I could ASSIST with her 10am class. It was my first time assisting in class. I was so nervous, but I needed to get going on my assisting hours. It was tough. Wow, I learned so much in that class. I definitely didn't do an amazing job, but I feel like it really prepared me for next time. I have to get a lot more hours of assisting, so I'll definitely be back for more.

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