Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 4

Sunday 1/20 started off with Power Yoga. I don't know if it was just because I had not taken many classes the week before, but class was SO TOUGH. Long holds in everything from plank to down dog to three-legged plank to side angle pose. It was BRUTAL. I knew I'd have to practice every day for the rest of the week if I was going to get back to feeling good after practice instead of just feeling tired.

Monday 1/21 I did not have the day off, like some of you lucky folk. I went to work, rushed home to change, saw that the new workout attire I'd ordered from Nordstrom had arrived, put on my new shirt, and headed off to Power Yoga. Monday night class I was able to get out of my head a little more and just be in the poses. I wasn't struggling as much and I was able to just enjoy the meditation and practice. I also let myself come out of poses when they got too tough or I wasn't balanced.

Tuesday 1/22 I got up early to do an hour of observation. I got some great lessons from Ashley, who was teaching, about hands on adjusting and what, how, and why she was adjusting. That night I went to the gym with Tim, lifted weights and ran on the treadmill for a half hour. I got new shoes last week, so this was my chance to test them out. My new shoes are awesome, but I am so out of practice with running. I had planned to do a 5k on the treadmill, but in the half hour I was on, I only ran about 1.8 miles and walked the rest, closing out my treadmill adventure at 2.5 miles total. Also, my music selection total sucked the first half of the workout, so I was getting majorly bored and laps felt like they were taking forever. Do not think that Pandora will find you upbeat running music on Garbage or Maroon 5 radio. Ugh. Ok Go is good though, in case you were wondering.

Wednesday night 1/23, I assisted for an hour in Power Yoga. There were three of us walking around making adjustments. One girl joked she felt like we were cocktail waitresses, but it was kinda cool - all three of us walking around giving adjustments through a lot of the class. I thought I wasn't going to have any physical practice that night, but our teachers surprised us. Three people were asked to volunteer to teach the candlelight yoga class at 7:45. I thought about it, but I decided not to volunteer because if I could, I wanted to get a little exercise and stretching that I wouldn't really get if I were teaching. So, we were taught by our peers and it was pretty cool. I'm super proud of them and proud to be one of them.

Thursday 1/24 yoga at my mom's was cancelled because she had to leave town on kind of short notice. I decided to take the opportunity and spend some more time at the WHAC. There's an adorable yoga teacher there that I love. She is tiny and buff, but so sweet and such a supportive teacher. So, at 630pm, I rolled out my mat for some good old fashioned, nothing fancy yoga. It's a totally different vibe - taking yoga at the gym instead of at a yoga studio. I go from being a student with good form but middle of the road strength and flexibility to the most advanced student in class. People came up to me after class to tell me how I inspired them. What?  I'm trying to turn off my ego, but its so surreal.
I also managed to do a half hour on the elliptical, which was good because my legs were still majorly sore from the squat "thrusters"(?) Tim had me doing on Tuesday.

Friday 1/25 I had plans to observe a class, but  there were no students, so I helped out in the office and got some of my needed Karma hours. That night I went back to the WHAC with Tim, but I wasn't feeling great, so I took it easy. A little chest and shoulder work followed by a little treadmill walking. Then back home to relax. I didn't feel bad about it because I knew what was coming the next day.

Saturday 1/26 was a busy yoga day. An hour and a half of observation followed by another hour and a half assisting. Assisting went great, but it was so hot and everyone was sweating so much that I needed to take a shower when I got home because the air was so thick and humid at the end of class.
Then at 4pm, I taught my SECOND CLASS EVER! I had four students this time and lots of positive feedback. That's kind of where I got my exercise - by demonstrating some of the poses. So, it wasn't a big exercise day, but I was at the studio almost all day.

How was your week? Get to practice any yoga?

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