Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 3

Sunday 1/13 I practiced Power Yoga in the morning like I usually do before teaching training goes full force. This class ended up being kind of an arm balance workshop. Dang, arm balances are tough. I can still only do Crow. I'm working on the others, but the key for each of them is to pin the elbow into the ribs and I end up hurting my shoulder every time I try to do that. I feel like I have super short limbs or something. Erg.

Monday 1/14 I took the night off from practice to get some assisting hours in and from 6 to 730, I walked around class and helped people get into their best version of the poses. It was a little awkward because the music was really kind of quiet and calming, so I felt uncomfortable asking people if they wanted blocks or if they could turn their foot in a little more - because if I asked too loud, it would be distracting for other students.

Tuesday 1/15 was another night off. Don't judge me. I ran errands and Skype'd with the hubs, who was away on business. I also managed to cook myself a very healthy dinner (hoorah) I made fish for the first time EVER and a giant plate of broccoli and brussel spouts. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Wednesday 1/16  I decided to get some Karma hours in at the studio, so I helped out in the office instead of practicing before class. We worked on adjustments in teacher training, and since Tracee knows I'm working on my inversions, she had me demonstrate "L-shape" at the wall so that she could show everyone how to do adjustments. Found out I was majorly dumping into my back and this pose is not as easy as I thought. As soon as she had me turn my tail bone down and take the arch out of my back, my shoulders started burn. It was the good kind of burn, but still - totally my ah-ha moment of the day.

I had plans to practice when I got home, but I had a gnarly headache. I made another healthy dinner - spaghetti squash bolognese (one of my favorite things ever) - and curled up on the couch for some season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Thursday 1/17 Have I told you all my mom got her yoga teaching certification last year? Well, she did, and she's been holding small classes once a week since then. She was on vacation for a while and before that, the holidays we getting in the way of her classes, but this week she started them back up again! I was so happy, but when I got to her house after work on Thursday, I had another gnarly headache. I think it's the weather and my sinuses. Since everyone was feeling pretty tired, we did kind of a easy, mostly stretching class. I did manage some more intense side arm balances, and we did Warrior 3, but I could have spent the whole class in childs pose and been totally okay with that.

Friday 1/18 I went to the movies with a friend after work. I FINALLY got to see Les Mis. I thought I might go to Prana Shakti flow in the morning, but I have been having a rough time getting out of bed the last few days, so I didn't get up in time.

Saturday 1/19 was set to be such a huge yoga day. I had plans for my usual morning at the studio, but my body told me to stay in bed. So, I slept in and spent the rest of the morning preparing to teach my first class later in the afternoon. I decided not to write anything out because it would inevitably make me more nervous if I thought I had to stick to a plan, so I decided I would wing it. I only had two students, but it was great. Holy smokes, that was hard. I didn't do everything perfectly, but I think - for a first class - it was pretty darn good. I got some good feedback and I'm excited to prepare for the next one.

That's it for this week. I think I need to take a couple days next week and go jogging. For reals. This week I was such a slacker.

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