Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inspiration & Awkwardness

I called the studio on Tuesday to reserve an hour timeslot for my usual class on Saturday and, to my surprise, the girl said she had actually been meaning to call me.

She wanted to confirm that I was taking over the Thursday night class... because they had already put me on the schedule. Whoa.

and once I confirmed, she asked if I could send her my bio and a photo - "just a nice one where you can see your face. poses are nice, but it can be hard to see your face"...



I mean... I knew I was officially being put on the schedule, but that's oh-so-very different from getting an official fancy pants instructor bio, and... wait. Now I needed to write a bio, and she wanted it by Friday.

Lucky for my, the weather was beautiful on Wednesday, so I spend about 20 minutes in the afternoon running around Malibu taking pictures of myself.

Yep. I was that girl. That's how the lovely above collage was made. So awkward. I am not a huge fan of photos of myself solo. I like group shots and usually find myself saying, "oh, hey, I look nice in that one", but solos are not my thing. Smiles get awkward. One eye opens wider than the other. One corner of the mouth is pointier than the other.

Actually sitting down and writing my bio was one of the hardest things. I love to write, but now I had to take 12 years of yoga and turn it into a sales pitchy blurb about how yoga has changed my life and how awesome I am. A BLURB! I could write a 20 page essay on how yoga has changed my life - probably more - and getting me to write about what makes me awesome was like pulling teeth. I kept giving it to T to review and he kept telling me it wasn't positive enough.

Later in the afternoon, a few favorite photos were instagramed (bc I don't have photoshop), shared with husband, bff, sisters, and mom for their favorites, and then packaged up with my bio in an email to the studio.

Less than an hour later, I got an email back.

"You're live on the website!"

and there I was. It hasn't even been up a day, but it is still so incredibly surreal.

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