Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 7

SUNDAY! Sunday I joined a group of fellow yoga instructors for a Satsong. It was more of a meeting/discussion session, but we did manage to get some asana in there for a short Yin Yoga practice. I carpooled with my mom and one of the women from my teacher training, and on the way home we talked about things we liked and didn't like about the meeting. The general consensus was "Yin practice is good", "Satsong overall should be a more collaborative discussion, less of a lesson"

Monday night I decided I would get in some Power Yoga practice. I ran into a couple of my fellow teacher trainees and they have completed their hours and gotten everything turned in. I don't have much left to do, but now I am feeling behind the curve. Class was great though. The room just had a totally awesome vibe and were all moving in the same space. It's pretty rare to have a class like that. Always awesome when it happens.

Tuesday I had a killer headache. I did manage to get to the studio and complete my observation hours (yay!), but the extent of my exercise was 25 pushups and a 2 minute plank. Better than nothing, I guess.

Wednesday was weird. Because of V-day, we moved our normal Thursday night class to Wednesday. T got out of work pretty late and I couldn't get home to Panda until after yoga, but I also needed to do some grocery shopping, so we did some pretty mellow yoga at my moms and then I ran off to the store and home, where I made some risotto (it was only okay), and sat down on the couch, where the cold got the better of me until 10:15pm, when I wandered up to the dining room, rolled out my mat, and did a more intense yoga flow on my own - the only music was the sound of whatever movie T was watching downstairs.
Oh! By some miracle, I was able to take my feet away from the wall in pincha mayurasana for about 2 seconds. I think because I hadn't worked very hard yet and was feeling strong and not fatigued.

VALENTINE'S DAY! Thursday night we went to the gym together. I wore my bright pink pants in honor of the holiday, and did some deadlift/sweep/press/squats, lat pulldowns, and then stability ball plank crunches (which are pretty much my favorite thing ever). Then we went home and gorged ourselves on Valentine's pizza and banana pudding.

Friday I finally got back to Combat Cardio at the WHAC! I've been telling myself I would go almost every Friday for weeks, and this week I finally went! On the way there I felt like crap. I was cranky, frustrated, finally feeling fat/bloated from the last two weeks of terrible eating and exercise - pretty much everything pissed me off. I was trying my best to snap out of it, but it wasn't happening. By the end of class, I felt just about a thousand times better. I even felt like I had the energy to work out more! I wanted to run, lift weights, do more abs, but we just went home. I made a healthy dinner, and watched The King's Speech.

Saturday morning I got up early for some Power Yoga. My quads were a little sore from the night before, but I was able to power through it. It was great. Sometimes it's just so nice to roll out my mat and have someone tell me what to do. Then I stayed for the last of my required assisting hours. Linda told me I did an excellent job being hands on and assisting in the class, and that I should continue assisting because it will be great experience for when I have my own classes. I'm also officially on the sub list to teach classes at the studio. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

How was your week?

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