Sunday, February 3, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 5

Panda helping me study

This weekend was kind of hectic with yoga all day on Saturday and the Super Bowl Sunday, so - as you can see - this post is a little late. I'm thinking I'll move future weekly recaps to Sunday night/Monday from here on out. It's kind of a pain to get a post up on Saturday afternoon (and hardly anyone reads them then anyway).

Still so surreal that this was the last week of my teacher training. I had (and still have) a lot of hours to accumulate, so I spent a lot of evenings assisting and observing instead of practicing and tried to get to the gym with Tim on my nights off.

Sunday was my last full day of class. Since we can't use the 10:15-11:45 Power Yoga class for assisting or observation credit, I always use it for my own practice. Class was packed, and the teacher trainees were all over in one part of the room. It created a neat vibe in the room. It was a hard class, but it had a really great energy, so I didn't feel like death was class was over. My glutes were majorly sore the next day, but I think that's a good thing.

Monday I had plans to assist in the 6pm Power Yoga class, but Panda had an accident on the living room carpet. I took her to the vet the next morning. Turns out she had a bladder infection, so now we have her on antibiotics. Anyway, I had to clean up the mess, so I didn't make it out in time for the 6pm class. I ended up going to the gym with Tim, getting complimented on how strong I am while doing 1 arm press with 30s, and then a half hour on the elliptical. No yoga. Sad face.

Tuesday night I stayed home, studied, and ate too many gummi bears. I feel good about that.

WEDNESDAY WAS MY FINAL! so weird. I assisted in Power Yoga from 6-730 then took the final at 745. It took me about an hour and I still hadn't gotten any exercise, so I met Tim at the gym for a half hour of cardio.

Thursday night I went home to get my head on straight so I could teach strangers for the first time in Intro to Yoga. I felt like I was fumbling and stumbling all over the place, but one of the girls said it was great and thanked me. I got a weird vibe from the class in general, but it was a great learning experience for me. I need to relax though. Seriously.

Friday Tim got some good news at work, so we went out that night to celebrate. :)

Saturday was my first day back practicing since Sunday! I observed the early class and then took an extremely tough Power Yoga class. OMYGOSHITWASSOHARD - especially since I'd taken almost a week off. Everything ached, but at the end of class I was exhausted and felt amazing.
After lunch, Tim and placed tennis together for the first time in months. I was worn out from my class earlier, but we still got a good little volley going. Then I taught my 4pm class at the studio. I had five students - my mom, big sister, aunt, aunt's friend & her daughter. I felt so much better about that class than I did about the one I'd taught on Thursday. I just need to get comfortable - confident. Sheesh.

So, that's it. Kinda a wonky week because of all the studying and teaching, but things is how they is.

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