Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yoga Website!!!

Happy Thursday! I decided to wait until today for this. It seemed like the perfect fit, seeing as this makes me very happy...

Y'all, things have been crazy 'round these parts! Since I got my yoga certification and started teaching regularly, I've wanted to start building my brand.
I've wanted a way - outside of my personal facebook page - to let people know what's going on, to invite them to classes, and just to share things from the yoga world that inspire me.

I bought/registered/got hosted my domain a little while back. My backwards thinking told me that because I wanted to order business cards to put in studios, I needed to build a website to put on the cards. And I needed a special "yoga only" email for that too. Then I could start a mailing list. See? Backwards.

I sat on my domain for longer than I'd like to admit. It made me uncomfortable that it was out there with my name on it, but had no trace of me on it. I was also hesitant because I thought if I set up a website, I had to set up a corresponding facebook page. I feel like I have a thousand facebook pages (cake, mark, blog), so on some level I didn't want to bombard my facebook friends with yet another page to "like". This one was more important. This one is going somewhere. (right?)

So, I buckled down. I spent hours in front of my computer playing with fonts and colors and looking at other yoga websites for just the right inspiration.

I was majorly scared to do this. I thought I would need to hire someone to do it for me. There are so many gorgeous websites and blogs out there that I wanted mine to look like it fit in, but I also wanted to do it myself. Way back in the day - I'm talking like a decade ago - I used to be good at this stuff. I was going to major in graphic design in college.

It took some help to get my website up and running. Major props to Christie at bedsidesign for showing me the ropes of Wordpress. There are still some kinks I need to work out, but I've been a Blogger girl for as long as I can remember, and frankly, Wordpress scared me.
But after about a week of dedicating all my free time, I finally got it up and to the point that I'm confident sharing. I "officially launched" on Monday, started tweeting and badgering for likes on facebook. I'm done with badgering for likes now. Two days is enough time. 

Without further ado, I would like to formally announce the arrival of my new website and facebook page! I'd love if you follow along, either by liking my facebook page or following the blog through the reader of your choice. I dig bloglovin. You can get updates on where and when I'm teaching through my new blog. I'll be sharing all my favorite yoga inspiration and jokes and such on the facebook page too. 
I plan on moving the pose breakdowns over to the new site as well, but most of the deep, seemingly unanswerable yoga philosophy stuff will stay over here, plus the recipes and general life adventures. Those will all stay here. 

Thanks to you all for your support and patience. I do kind of feel like my blog has been suffering a bit lately because of this transition, but bear with me a bit longer and I promise I'll have my orientation all figured out. :)

Don't forget, y'all. This is a linkup.

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