Thursday, June 27, 2013

And So I Golf

Semi-philosophical and heavy on the sap, but bear with me...

Hubs and I don't have a lot in common. I was never into sports growing up. I played soccer, so watching soccer was fun, but all the others were no bueno. He loves ALL (except soccer, oddly)
I was never into martial arts. He frequently mentions going back for a second black belt.
I think golf is boring (especially when its on TV - I mean UGH). He could spend all day on the course with friends.
I love art. I love making it and I love looking at it. He yawns at art.
I am (obviously) a hardcore yogi. It's torture for him.
I like to "go outside and do stuff". He likes to be comfy at home.

So, this is where I am right now. None of these things bother me. We are who we are and we are best friends.

I will happily give up an afternoon relaxing by the pool with a cocktail because he wants me to golf with him. Even though, man, golf is really... really not my thing. But I will have moments like the above because I'm hanging out with my best friend.

So, duh, we're married folks and we make compromises. I go golfing with him, he goes to the Getty and LACMA with me. I watch baseball and college football now (but please turn the basketball off) and he agrees to be my yoga guinea pig to help me build new classes.

And they start to not feel like compromises. Look at me up there having a freaking ball because I hit the ball across the water for the very first time... because I'm hanging out with my best friend.

So, here's to a summer - hopefully -  filled with doing things that make the other happy and being dang happy about it.

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