Friday, June 21, 2013

Saying Goodbye to the Scary

Before I get into this, I feel the need to preface...
This is not a deeply philosophical post about facing your fears and moving on or anything like that. I'm talking about a tree - a big scary tree.

The other day, I mentioned we paid someone to help us with "something else around the house". This is what I was talking about.

We have a GIANT tree on our patio. It's taller than our tall skinny house. Really.


It's been two years of wincing through the windy and rainy SoCal winters and hoping a branch didn't fall onto our house - or worse - the whole tree.

So, I contacted a local landscaper/tree trimmer and hired them to trim this tree... a lot. There was talk of taking it out altogether, but I wasn't sure how I felt about that, so we went for severe trimming.

It was a two day process for two guys. They get so much props for just being two guys with a ladder and a chainsaw and managing this transformation.

At the end of day one, we were looking at this...

Piles of extra branches waiting to be carted away

I left town the next morning, so I had to wait until I got back on Monday to see the full transformation...(which is really glorious)




LOOK AT ALL THE SKY!!! I am so loving seeing the beautiful blue sky from my patio and not simply supposing that its there on the other side of the branches.

They even cleaned up the rocks around the bottom of the tree (and some other parts of our patio that needed some love.

And here's another angle so you can really see that it's taller than our house. (and more glorious blue sky)

Get ready, Summer. I am getting a chase lounge and I will be reading books and enjoying the sunshine on my patio!

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