Monday, June 10, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 23

The weekends lately have been a little out of the norm for me. For a while I would just get up on the early side, let T sleep in, and go do whatever workout class/dvd I wanted, but for the last couple of weekends we've had things planned, so I've wanted to talk to T before I head off to do my own thing. That meant this Sunday I was kind of waiting around for a little while before I decided to work out at home. I was feeling like a bum - having eaten a ton and not really worked it off - so I set up my heart rate monitor, put in my plyocide dvd and got going. It was so good. The next time I was just the perfect amount of sore - not in pain, but when I got up, my glutes and thighs would remind me that I worked hard the day before.

Monday I decided to keep it going with P90X2. Since I had done the Day 2 workout on Sunday, I just decided to flip them and do the Day 1, X2 Core, workout.

Tuesday was my Jiddo's 85 birthday dinner. That's my grandpa, in case you didn't know. I was not able to workout that night. We didn't even get home until 10. Womp womp. Luckily, since I've decided to officially restart P90X2, I didn't have to feel bad since day 3 is a rest day. :)

Wednesday night I picked back up for Day 4 of P90X2 with Total Body and Ab Ripper. It was a little frustrating at times because my stability ball never has enough air in it so it's damn near impossible to use for any of the balance exercises. I am worried it's just a low quality ball and won't cut it, but we'll see.

Thursday I taught my class. Holy smokes. We had the most people that could possibly fit in that room. I really do not know how they all fit. The big room can fit like 30, my room is about a third of that and has a support beam right in the middle. Anyway, I was SO pumped to have a full room - what an amazing feeling. Then I went home and did my own yoga practice for about 45 minutes. I was supposed to do X2 Yoga but for some reason the disk always makes the computer freeze up. I can run it on the PS3, but I didn't want to take over the living room since I knew T was getting home soon. I'm so nice. So I put on some music and got going on my own thing in the dining room. I really pushed myself and it was glorious.

Friday night I was back to P90X2 for Balance & Power. I am loving using my heart rate monitor track my burn. It gives me an actual physical number for how hard I'm working, which I kinda love. I was able to get enough air in. I remember the first time I did this workout, I was kinda scared of the name. It sounds intimidating, right? Now it's one of my favorite workouts ever. Amazingness.

Saturday I taught my very first mommy/baby yoga class. It was so much fun. I can't wait to do it again. Later that afternoon, we went golfing - not really my thing, but we had fun. It was my first time doing 18 holes. We had a cart, so not a lot of walking, but its all I needed to count as my workout for the day since it was supposed to be a rest day anyway. :)

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