Monday, June 24, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 25

I spent last weekend with my baby sister in Portland. We had a fantastic time, but the only exercise I got was a 3 mile hike I mentioned in last weeks post.

Monday night, when I got home, I was too beat to do anything. I did power walk with my suitcase through the airport though. That's got to count for something. It didn't really help that I ate 2 1/2 donuts, gummi bears, Jimmy Johns, and pasta salad throughout the day. Really healthy stuff... no, not really. 

Tuesday I was back to feeling like me and home and such. I had a leftover donut for breakfast, but managed to keep it healthy through the rest of the day. I took the Total Fit Body class at the gym and was astounded by my calorie burn! 494 calories in 52 minutes! I did not think I'd worked that hard in previous classes, but if I got anywhere close to that, I'm happy.

Wednesday I was up bright and early for my 6am class, which I love, but my body is not used to being up that early, so by midday I have been wiped out. Like DONE. But this Wednesday I had to many plans to let myself be done. I had a meeting and a class I wanted to take, so I put on my big girl yoga pants and powered through it. (I have a lot of exciting things in the works right now. I'm excited to share them as soon as they're finalized!) Power yoga that night was super challenging. It totally wiped me out.

Thursday I taught my class, which I am loving more and more every week. My students are amazing - new and repeats alike. Then T asked me if I would go to the driving range with him so he could help me learn how to golf well. It was fun. He was actually able to teach me a few things - not that I doubted his expertise, but I did doubt my ability to pick up on anything he was trying to teach me. Oops.

Friday night I taught in morning and then was bck at the WHAC in the evening for Combat Cardio. Yet again, I let myself forget how challenging that class can be. Whooooooo!

Saturday I got to teach two classes - mommy/baby at 930 and yoga mind at 4. I was able to get in a little bit of practice during both. My inlaws were in town, and I kept having to disappear to go teach, so I didn't have time to get in a good workout just for me that day. At least I did a lot of demonstrating in my classes.

That's it for this week, yall. I don't even have a yoga related picture to post. The one I used is from last week. :/

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