Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 25

Real talk: In general, working out is getting harder. In the beginning, I used to take breaks mostly to keep my body temp from getting too high, but now more and more I'm finding myself taking breaks because I am so tired. I expect it will only get more exhausting, but I'm gonna keep it up until my body says stop.

I'm already planning exactly how I'm going to get back in shape after the baby is born. (Once I'm 6 weeks (or 8 weeks) postpartum, depending) And also depending on when I can squeeze in workouts outside the house after hubs goes back to work. That will be the real challenge, won't it?

Last Wednesday I taught my mommy & baby class. Always fun and challenging. That day ended up being a little financially stressful, so a friend of mine invited me to come take her barre class. I couldn't go because I had a chiro appt at the same time, but she reminded me I had some cardio barre classes to use, so I decided to take CB at 630.

Thursday I took Power Yoga. It was a smaller class that usual, but something about how we arranged ourselves in the room and the energy we brought, made it work really well.

Friday turned into kind of a crazy day. I had a relaxing massage and spa day in the middle of the day, but I book-ended it at the office and a stop at the appliance place to look at washing machines. By 5pm, I was falling asleep on the couch, but hubs convinced me to tag along with him to the gym, promising we wouldn't stay long, but we had to at least go. So, a did about 40 minutes of walking (at a decent clip) on the treadmill and by the end I was feeling like maybe I should have tried to jog a little, but it was time to go home.

Saturday I told my hubs I was gonna go to cardio barre. Even though we don't work out together at the gym, he asked me to go with him instead so he could come talk to me if he wanted to. So, I plopped my butt down on the stationary bike and then did some stretching, and he came over to say hi a couple of times.

Sunday I took my very first prenatal yoga class. I try to take most of my yoga where I teach (because it's free) but its hard to me to get to the studio when they have prenatal classes and it seems like the wrong thing to stress about, so I found a studio that I love about a 20 minute drive from home that has a Sunday prenatal class. Not difficult for me to get to AT ALL. What else am I doing at 1pm on Sunday? So, I tried it this week and I really liked it. I was the least far along, but there were two other women there who were 18 weeks, so I didn't feel totally out of place.  I've decided to try to take class there every other week, and attempt to get back to Inner Power on Wednesday nights here and there so I can at least take some classes for free.

Monday I tried out a new spin and TRX studio near my house. I was supposed to go with a friend (that was the only time we both could go), but she sunburned her legs the day before, so I went solo to the 630 Spin class. I had to learn how to use a new kind of bike - Keiser bikes. They were pretty cool. Not the most comfy seats ever, but not awful. I liked the display and how easy it is to adjust the resistance. I have 4 more classes at this place. I think I will buy a package after I use them and go every other week or so... maybe after baby.

Tuesday afternoon I taught my class and then I took the total fit body class at the gym. I lowered the step this time. I actually didn't put any supports underneath. It was just a step on the floor. It worked well. I had zero back aggravation, but I guess there's no traction on the bottom of those steps, so I had to be super careful or it would slip around.

How was your week?

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