Friday, June 20, 2014

Yoga Baby; 16 Weeks

Week 16

Today is 16 weeks. This is flying by. I'm off getting a massage and having a lovely spa day with one of my best girlfriends today. Consider that item checked from my summer fun checklist. ;)

Here's what's happening with me and the tiny one...

Cravings: Fellow pregnant or previously pregnant ladies, tell me if you experienced this as far as cravings go: I don't just randomly think of things that sound good. The seed has to be planted somehow. Someone posts a picture of In N Out and I immediately crave In N Out. My parents texted a picture of Lebanese food they had while on vacation. I immediately asked my husband how he felt about falafel and hummus for dinner. All I have are impulse cravings, which is weird, because I'm usually a pro at wanting things out of the blue. I think it's the baby wanting to try new things it's never heard of. My brain processes pizza. Baby says "Oh, pizza? What's that? Let's have that... right now." That's usually how it works. I get said food and eat it. It's wonderful. Baby has tried said food now, is satisfied, and I don't crave it anymore.
That said, I also want lemonade ALL THE TIME. I would drink it all day if I had that option.

Aversions: I'm pretty good about eating pretty much anything put in front of me. I still have days where I am just plain not in the mood for things - like, its been hard to convince me to eat turkey burgers, but I wouldn't necessarily call it an 'aversion'

Gender: We'll find out next month (in a little over 2 weeks, actually). I'll keep you posted. Like I've said, I would be perfectly content not knowing, but the hubs really wants to know, and there is no way he wouldn't let it slip, so we'll both be finding out. It's pretty exciting actually. The nerd in me just wants to be able to use gendered pronouns, instead of just saying "the baby", "they", and "it". I really don't like saying "it".

Energy: As long as I get enough sleep, I've been doing pretty well on the energy front. I wish I'd been getting more sleeeeeeep.

Missing: My sister offered to bring home Portland food that we don't have here in LA. I wanted Jimmy Johns, but I'm not supposed to eat deli meat. That was a sad day. She offered to bring me home a cheese sandwich, but I decided it just wouldn't be the same.
I'm pretty used to not being able to eat things. Hubs has been making me "mocktails". He just makes the same drink for me in the evenings that he makes for himself and leaves the booze out. It's silly, but its fun. Plus I think he likes being able to make me mixed drinks still, since its something we used to do together before.

Feeling: Mostly awesome. I made this little category up because I wanted to talk about headaches. You know what? Headaches suck. There are all kinds of things that can cause them; allergies, low sugar, dehydration, dry weather, but mine are triggered by everything. I try to eat, and drink water all day every day, but sometimes I don't do very well and don't even realize it until its too late and I already feel like garbage. After that, no amount of ice cold water and snacks can bring me back. Only napping.
Even though I'm doing a really good job - I carry around a 20 oz refillable water bottle, usually jam packed with ice and I refill it all day - I still get headaches.
At my first real doctors appointment, the doctor suggested I try a magnesium supplement. Since I was convinced the headaches would go away when I got into the second trimester, I didn't get any. They didn't go away, so I finally bought a bottle of magnesium supplements and and I will let you know if they start to make a difference.

That's all for today. I'll let you know how we're doing again in two weeks. ;)

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