Monday, June 16, 2014

We're Cancelling TV

Today is the day! I will be calling up our television provider and saying "Thanks, but no thanks. We don't need your services any longer".

Before you run off thinking we're all hippy dippy and won't be watching TV anymore, let me clarify; We're cancelling our satellite, but we will still have internet and some fancy TV-show-watching apps, so... we're not exactly giving it up.
... and we waited a week after our contract was up so we could watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. ;)

Mostly - for me - this was a financial move. Why the heck is TV so expensive? With sports packages and premium channels, we were spending over $1,600 a year on that business - which is just effing ridiculous.

But also, we want to spend more time doing other things - reading books, learning languages, getting out of the house. So the fact that we will no longer be stuck in front of the TV each night "watching" a game for 3 hours or our nightly lineup of shows (because we have those and it's a little embarrassing) is kind of exciting.

But what will we do when The Walking Dead comes back? or any of our favorite shows that we wont be able to watch on Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus or Netflix (because we have access to all of those for way less money than we were paying for cable, btw)?

Don't know. Only care a little. (I would say "Don't care." because it's more fun, but that would be a lie. I do care.)

That will be part of the fun/challenge, won't it? Learning to not care? It's not so very different from putting a book down halfway through - Lord knows I do that often enough. And then, maybe when the seasons of these shows that I've missed appear on Netflix I will still care enough to watch... or maybe not. NO ONE KNOWS!

Aside from saving money, I'm also a little excited for the loss of television. We'll still have access to a ton of entertainment, but we won't just have the TV on and zone out on nothingness for hours on end.

I've already committed to watching less TV. I've been pouring through books lately. Hubs will have the TV on and instead of zoning out and watching shows IDGAF about, I lay on the couch next to him with my book and I'm not even a little distracted by the TV.

Also, our kids will be raised without TV. A little weird to think about considering how I used to gape at my friends in school who didn't have TV, but - like I've said - we'll still have internet, so we'll have access to almost everything.

Do you think we're crazy or geniuses for cancelling TV? Have you ever thought about cancelling? How has it worked for your household?

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