Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 24

Wednesday I taught my mommy & baby class, as usual. We had a new face, so I kept class moving at a good pace. There are always a lot of breaks in mommy & baby yoga, so while the moves are hard, there is a plenty of opportunity for rest. Babies make that part easy(ish). We do long core sets so moms can take breaks to tend to babies if they need to and still get the benefit of the exercise. Because my baby doesn't currently need tending to, I usually end up doing the entire set of every move. This week, for example, I took zero breaks and the next day I had the most sore lower abs and quads ever. Growing baby and moving organs pushing from the inside probly didn't help with that either.

Thursday I taught and then I took Power Yoga! Love love love. My little sister-face came to my class before she went off to celebrate her birthday.

Friday my little sister-face needed a ride to the airport and we didn't get to hang out much while she was here, so we got dinner and I took her to the airport. It didn't leave time for me to workout, but its ok. I didn't know what to try that day anyway. ;)

Saturday I taught in the morning and, since I ended up doing most of class, I was pretty wiped out after. It went really well though. It was a good group with great energy. I feel like I thrived off of them.

Sunday hubs and I went to the gym. I was pretty wiped out, but I managed a long walk on the treadmill for about 45 minutes.

Monday night I did yoga with my friend. It was pretty heavy stretching class. We both needed to tell each other about the absolutely crazy stressful weeks that we'd had, so we ended up holding poses for a long time as we talked. It worked great and the hour went by really fast. It's always bittersweet when it goes by quickly like that.

Tuesday night I had a froyo date with a dear friend. I wasn't planning to work out, so when I got home and didn't have time, I wasn't disappointment.

How was your week?

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