Sunday, March 31, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 13

You guys, I feel like I've been writing "you guys" a lot. When in reality, you guys could be one person clicking the link X amount of times to make me feel better. ;) I'm too nervous to ask you to reveal yourself/ves to find out.

What I was really going to lead into with the "you guys" was about boxing on Sunday, which was a thing that happened... again. In my post 10K exhaustion, he thought it would be swell to have us do extra leg work - you know, the complete opposite of what I wanted to do that day - step cardio, squats, and burpees on my poor tired legs. As always though, I did it and was glad.

Monday was back out to yogaworks for 2/3 vinyasa flow. I positioned myself in the back of class this time because I finally got there early enough to get a good spot! Class was good. I was focused and intent. I didn't let the two experienced yogis on either side of me distract me too much.

Tuesday was my mom's birthday. No time for gymming, but I thought maaaaybe I could squeeze something in at home after carbo-loading at dinner, but I didn't, and I didn't feel like I needed to since I managed to stay under my no-exercise calorie goal.

Wednesday, as I realized my month of discounted yoga was coming to a close, I decided to try a new class - level 2 vinyasa flow with a different instructor. It was mostly appealing because It started later and I wouldn't have to rush out of work at 5 on the dot in the middle of tax season. I also wanted to see what the difference was between level 2 and level 2/3. ;) It was SUCH  different class, like whoa, the whole vibe was different. I still had the opportunity to challenge myself, but I found there is a lot less ego in a level 2 class. Weird.

Thursday night I taught my class. :) I felt like I needed a little exercise afterward though, so I got out a medicine ball and did some balance pushups and followed it up with a set of abs. I've been thinking a lot about when I am going to start another round of P90X and X2, and I think I've decided to start sooner rather than later and get a good workout in the morning so I don't feel like I need to do anything in the evenings. I can workout if I want or lounge about and eat brownies if I want. ;)

Friday and Saturday I didn't really workout. :/ I guess this week had a lot of "rest" days. I thought I might get up early both days, but I just didn't. The Friday night we had a family dinner with some of extended family on my dad's side as part of a pre-easter party, and Saturday my mom and I were at a yoga workshop, but it wasn't exercise. We were book learning. ;)

How was your week?

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