Monday, March 18, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 11

Sunday morning, hubs and I were back for week 2 of boxing. We did not mess around getting to class on time because we knew I needed my own bag. Can't share with someone twice your size. That sh*t just don't work. Luckily daylight savings seemed to have kept a handful of people in bed on Sunday morning, so we didn't have to worry. We'd also gone out on Saturday to get me my own pair of fancy new gloves and wraps, so I don't have to use the gym ones anyone. In the actually class, I'm having a hard time balancing hitting my hardest with keeping my feet moving. I try to do them both at the same time, but that gets exhausting SO quickly, like, whoa. I am loving it though. I'm so glad we started taking boxing.

Monday evening I drove back out to yogaworks for another round of 2/3 vinyasa flow. Same teacher as last week, so now I'm wondering if she just teaches the same class for about a week and then changes it. This class was different from the classes she taught last week.

Tuesday we were back for another go of "blow the doors off the gym Tuesday" - total fit body followed by yoga flow, and just like two weeks ago, I pretty much wanted to die the next day - my poor butt and thighs.

But the show must go on... or something like that... so Wednesday I was back in full force for 2/3 vinyasa flow. Kind of a bummer though since I had a gnarly headache. I'd hoped that getting my breathing and flow on would help mellow it out, but really, the only yoga thing that helped was getting my knee into my forehead in shoulder-stand with eagle legs.

Thursday I taught my class at IPY. I'm trying to do more marketing to get more people into class. Since the teacher trainees took it over a few months ago, it's been slow. We each only got one or two students per class. This week I had three. I'm trying to get the word out - that its a great place to start, but its also not just for beginners.
I also think I'm unofficially designating Thursday night as my "rest" night - unless I get a second wind for a  midnight solo flow.

Friday I went to combat cardio and then consumed my weight in bread, cheese, and wine - all three of which T and I are giving up for a month starting next week, but I'll tell you more about that later. ;)

Saturday we had a relaxing morning before I headed off to Power Yoga. Now that I have to pay for classes again, I am spending less time at the studio, but at least I'm able to go about once a week. Saturday's class was pretty intense. I was glad I remembered to bring a towel this week. Sheesh.

You guys, these weeks are getting majorly repetitive. I've got two more weeks at yogaworks and then I promise to spice up my Mondays and Wednesdays a little bit more. ;)

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