Thursday, March 28, 2013


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This week I am challenging myself, or rather, reminding myself to challenge myself. I have mentioned a few places to a few people that I am an introvert, but really, I think I take introvert to that whole other level. I am socially awkward to the point where people think I don't like them and then I think they don't like me, and the cycle continues...

But let me be clear...

I LOVE people. I love being around friends and family. I love making new friends. I love having people to share things with and get excited for... But, hooo dam, am I bad at making new friends. Since I graduated high school (almost 11 years ago) I have made only a handful of friends that I consider myself close enough with that I still call them to get coffee.

So, my challenge is this - not to make friends, necessarily - but to be friendlier.

To be the person that introduces herself first. To ask strangers questions. To go out of my way to say thank you.

and then see what happens.

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