Monday, March 17, 2014

Guest Post on Lemon Jelly Cake

Happy Monday, yogis! (and Happy St. Patty's Day!)

Today I am blog sitting over at Lemon Jelly Cake while Claire and fam get used to having baby Micah around. I am so so excited for the whole Printz family, I made them cookies...

well, I made them digital cookies, anyway.

We love cookies in our house. You could call it an addiction. On weekends I don't bake a fresh batch of cookies, it's because we already have leftover dough in the freezer. 
Over the holidays, I decided to tackle some gluten free baking. Word on the street is that gluten is just bad news bears for us humans - and I've actually noticed it's the source of a lot of upset tummies, so, in order for our household to continue to enjoy cookies, I did some experimenting cutting it out...
Get the rest of the post and the recipe over at Lemon Jelly Cake... 

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