Friday, March 7, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 9

After being knocked out by a cold last week, I eased myself back into exercise this week.

Wednesday night I took beginner Cardio Barre. I managed to push myself a little bit - using 2 lb weights instead of one, and really getting into my deepest versions of each move. Warming up was tough though, since I'd been so stagnant in the prior days, my shoulders we not happy with in the beginning.

I had a rough night in the wee hours of Thursday morning. So, I woke up feeling less than awesome and planned a pretty mellow workout for the night. I would definitely take yoga, then see how I felt after and decide if I was up for an hour of boxing. It was a great decision. I ended up feeling awesome after yoga and decided to stay for boxing, which was hard, but not too hard. It was 2 hours at the gym, which cut a big chunk out of my evening and meant I didn't have dinner until 9:30 (a veggie omelet, btw), but I always feel better when I'm doing something active instead of sitting on my butt.

Friday night I worked late and was suuuuper tired. By the time I got home, all I wanted was to cozy up on the couch.

Saturday I was still really tired, but I managed a trip to the gym. I ran 2 and a half miles and then did some yoga and miscellaneous stretching for about a half hour - worked on some arm balances and inversions.

Sunday I got up EARLY and drove out to Moorpark to teach a private class. We started outside, but it started raining again, so we moved indoors after about 15 minutes.
Then I motored back to the Valley to get to boxing, where they were filming a reality show. Class was extra hard when everyone wants to look their best (students and teachers alike), but I got to break in my new gloves (pictured above) a little bit. They are so nice.

Monday morning I taught my class, and then in the evening I taught again. I was in a funk most of the day, but I did get to work up a little bit of a sweat during the private lesson SLASH hang out session with my friend that night. We had her baby in the room with us for about half the workout and she was just laying on the floor in front of her momma just smiling and giggling.

Tuesday night I opted to bring work home and take yoga instead of staying at work late... tax season, man.
I had a great class. I learned some new variations for my arms in forward fold, and the instructor helped me get into pincha in the center of the room. I had such a yoga brain after class though I almost forgot I had to go pick up Panda, who was at my parents' all day.

How was your week? Try anything new?

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