Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spotlight on lovethelittlethings

In the last few years, I have been so unbelievably lucky.  Not only have I had my heart and mind cracked open by studying and experiencing yoga, but I have met some of the most truly beautiful and inspirational people. I have made new friends at every turn and I feel so special and so honored to be able to call them that, my friends.

On the first day of yoga teacher training, I met one such beautiful soul named Becca. I should have known right away from her always perfectly cute and cozy yoga attire, that Becca would later design her own line of yoga-friendly clothing and jewelry called lovethelittlethings
So, last month, when she reached out to me and a few others from our yoga crew, I was delighted to check out her etsy shop and support her new venture.

... and really, how could I not? This stuff is incredible.

I immediately fell in love with the grateful sweatshirt and bought myself one in red... and as soon as I got it I ran around the beach taking pictures of myself, wanting to show it off because I am so proud of her, and proud to have her in my life.

It's so perfectly cozy and I am in love with the neckline. I showed it to my mom (also a yogi) and she wanted one right away.

There are so many more items in her shop I am just waiting to buy. Here are a few of my favorites...

I'm pretty sure I will eventually own everything in this shop.

If you love the little taste of  LTLT I've posted here, make sure you check out her shop! She's doing a special promo code right now too - just for Baking Yogi readers! Use the promo code 25LOVE for 25% off your order from lovethelittlethings etsy shop!
There's no giveaway or entry requirements. She's not compensating me. I just love what she's done and want to share it with the world. Go to her shop, pick out your favorite things, enter the code 25LOVE and get 25% off. Simple and lovely.

Becca's dream is to create super soft, comfortable and stylish pieces with meaning that you can wear to yoga and beyond!

Everyone makes a statement with that they're wearing whether they realize it or not. Why not make it positive?

OH! and you can find her on facebook and instagram too!

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