Monday, March 31, 2014

MY Summer Fun Checklist

Last week I posted a Summer Fun Checklist. I haven't been going nutso on the posting this as of late, so it was one of the few posts that went up last week. I mostly just wanted to share that I was inspired by it, and since then I've decided to do some tweaking - thanks to a suggestion by my friend Claire
I've included a lot of things from the original list, but I also added some specifics - things I actually want to do and plan to do. 

This is MY Summer Fun Checklist. I'll come back and update every time I complete an item. I'm planning to put a link to this post on my 30x30 page for easy access... and like I said... e'rythang will be instagrammed as I go. #2014summerfunchecklist 
  • go to an Eat See Hear (or two) and drink my favorite latte from Brasil Kiss (CHECK!)
  • watch fireworks (CHECK!)
  • go to an aquarium
  • get a massage (CHECK!)
  • do yoga on the beach (CHECK, CHECK!)
  • make homemade popsicles
  • go to the wine festival (CHECK!)
  • go to the strawberry festival (CHECK!)
  • get my face painted
  • build a blanket fort
  • have a fire pit (CHECK!)
  • make s’mores (CHECK!)
  • go on a mini roadtrip aka day trip
  • make a home video
  • sing loudly with the car windows down
  • go running at sunset
  • read a book by the pool (CHECK!)
  • have breakfast on the patio (CHECK!)
  • eat a sno-cone (CHECK!)
  • go swimming (CHECK!)
  • go to a museum
  • ride my bike
  • go on a hike (CHECK!)
  • visit the zoo
  • go to a concert in the park
  • have a picnic
  • play Frisbee
  • paint
  • go boating/kayaking
  • blow bubbles
Let me know if you decided to do one too! I'd love to follow along with all your summer fun activities! 

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