Friday, March 28, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 12

OK! So, because I've started P90X, you're gonna see a lot of repeat workouts from last week, HOWEVER, since I'm still teaching and trying to spice things up with additional workouts - because I'm cray - these posts will still vary from week to week - not to mention, I'll be talking a lot about my progress in P90X.

Wednesday (P90X Day 7) was supposed to be resting or X Stretch... I did neither, BUT I did take it super easy. I had been texting a friend about getting together for happy hour after work, so I got up early and did an hour of at home practice yoga. I pushed myself a little bit, but mostly I acknowledged that my body was still a little tweaky from the previous few days workouts, so I didn't do too much.
When I taught Mommy & Baby yoga, I did most of the class - getting up only a few times to change the music or check how long we'd been going. We did a lot of core work, which was great. I got a few groans from my mommies, so it was definitely a good workout. :)

Thursday (P90X Day 8) was/is my crazy day. This week was the test run to see if I can handle it. My morning started off with Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X. I intentionally tried to push myself further than last week - even if only by one rep. Sometimes I hated myself a little bit for that, but I hit my goal every time. I'm considering increasing my weights for heavy pants and lawn mowers. I've been using 10 and 15 respectively. I think I could do 15 and 20 pretty easily.
After work, I changed and went straight to yoga at the gym. It's always lower key than studio yoga, so it's never my only workout. There were no absolute beginners in class this week, so we were pushed a little harder than the last time I went to that class. She told me she would.
Even though I already worked out in the morning, I stayed for boxing after yoga - because I hadn't been in almost 2 weeks! My left shoulder and right wrist had been a little tweaky in the few days before, so I vowed to take a step back if my body needed it. It didn't need it. The pushups and pullups I'd done earlier in the morning were harder on my shoulder and wrist than boxing was.

I had planned to get up early on Friday (P90X Day 9) for Plyometrics X at 6am, but what happens when you do over 3 hours of intense exercise on Thursday is, you wake up on Friday so tired that your whole body hurts - not in a sore muscles kind of way, in an exhaustion kind of way. So, I gave myself that extra hour and a half of sleep and when I got up at 7:30, I felt WORLDS better.
When I got around to P90X much later that night - I think I started around 7. I had so much more energy - which I really needed to complete this workout.

Saturday (P90X Day 10) I got up early (boo on getting up early on Saturday) and did Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X. It actually felt really great. Despite feeling like my left shoulder was a little tweaky, I was able to up my weights for a lot of the exercises and get a decent calorie burn. I also rocked Ab Ripper X. I did almost all "hard" versions of the moves and did all 50 mason twists.

Sunday (P90X Day 11) I decided to get up early enough to watch the sun rise on my run. The problem with this is that it was sooooo overcast that morning, I couldn't have even told you where the sun was. I did run 5 miles - slow though I might have been. My average pace was 12:02 per mile, which is veeeeeery slow. I didn't do Yoga X that day. I knew I wouldn't. I feel silly doing yoga with a DVD when I can just do it myself - especially when its the same thing every single time. So, I basically counted my stretching at the park (post run) as my yoga for the day - and I did pretty great. I had ZERO IT band discomfort post run/stretch.

Monday (P90X Day 12), Oh, lawdy Monday was Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X... and I got a little less than halfway through the workout when... the pull-up bar fell from the door frame, taking me and the bar to the floor... hard.
It was one of the scarier moments I've lived though. It hurt. A lot, and my neck and low back/tail bone just weren't the same after that. I sat out about 10 minutes after the fall, just getting my bearings and letting the DVD run. Then I would come back for the leg moves only. No more pull-up bar for me. Sorry. I tried to do ab ripper, but in the end, since my neck was jacked from the fall and I was dealing with a bruising backside, there were so few moves I could do without straining and hurting myself that I just turned it off and went to teach my class. I took some Aleve and sat on a bolster. I did some stretching with the class, which felt nice, and instead of my regular Monday night yoga with my friend, I rescheduled and went to the chiropractor later.

When I woke up Tuesday (P90X Day 13) morning, I was feeling rough. My trip to the chiropractor Monday night left me semi self diagnosed with whiplash, a bruised sacrum, and a mild concussion. So, sleep that night was pretty uncomfortable.  I thought if I felt up to it when I got home, I would give Kenpo X a try. It's relatively low impact, but that didn't mean it would be easy.
I felt worlds better by the time I got home - a little stiff, and a bruised sacrum basically makes anything high impact or with turned hips a little uncomfortable - but I definitely felt up to giving the workout a shot. Hip turning was hard, so I micro'd the movement, and jumping jacks  - specifically X jumps - were hard. So, I bent my knees a lot for jacks, and when it was time for X jumps, I kept it low. I was able to still get my heart rate up, without further injuring myself.

Yikes, this was pretty long. Time to start adding a jump, I guess. Also, I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about recovering from my fall over the next week, but I'm already feeling worlds better, so I'm excited to get back into harder workouts.

How was your week?

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