Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh, hey there, Saturday; #6

I observed my first yoga class this morning. Robin is such a good teacher. I learned so much just by watching her and her assistant move around the room and adjust and teach. It was beautiful. I took way more notes than I needed to, but I am excited to continue to observe. Soon I'll get to assist and teach!

I brought my scents home with me again. Now my house smells like peppermint, sweet orange, and cedar.

I'm seriously considering joining a Be Happy linkup. It seems really great. Just dedicating one day every week to focusing on happiness. Nothing wrong with that. :)

I'm convinced Panda likes the weekends more than we do. She is so happy we have so much time to spend with her. She just follows us around the house and brings us toys. A lot of weekends we'll take her to the park, but today we just went on a mini walk around the neighborhood. I was really taking in our little community. We're off a really big street, but you never think if it just walking around. It always feels private and secluded.

I love this weather. I love the smell and the clouds and the fact that its 2 o'clock in the afternoon and you can barely see the sun.

I am going to bust of the bread machine here in a minute. Whole wheat nut bread, I think.

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