Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pants! Wardrobe Revamp; Fall 2012

Last week I was listening to Joy the Baker & Tracey Shutterbean's podcast on Homefries and I had a revelation. One of their listeners wrote in to ask for style suggestions.

Ok, so, its fall now. (not my revelation) It's time to wear pants. I've been living in Bermuda shorts and sundresses for the last 4ish months. It's been awesome.

Now that its been getting cooler, I've ventured into my closet a few times to find a good pair of jeans and been dismayed to find all of my jeans are old and out of fashion... like, whoa.

It made me kind of sad. So, I decided to buy some new pants...

and I may or may not have gone a little crazy with it.

Not to very long ago I decided to invest in some fun pants, so I bought myself these red ones ...

This was pre JtB podcast revelation.

Post revelation, I am more invested a total wardrobe revamp.



That was the plan anyway, I thought about buying purple and teal pants, but ultimately stuck with some go-to borings. Nordstrom sales and Old Navy are amazing for this.
Have I mentioned that Old Navy totally won me over with their Backstreet Boys commercial? I'll leave that at the bottom for you.

I can't help it. I have a softspot for the Backstreet Boys. One cannot go from posters all over their bedroom to not even smiling when they make a mini-revival. It didn't help that I spent 2 years making AJ his afternoon lattes at The Coffee Bean. (Totally awkward thinking that 7 years before that I'd written "Mrs. AJ McLean" all over my notebooks *cringe*)

Back to my new skinny jeans! I bought these deliciously comfortable J Brand babies on sale at Nordy's. Hooray for sales. Seriously.

And I snagged these Rockstar Skinnies from Old Navy:

This color is called Camel (which I really think they should reconsider), but I don't have any pants this color, so I went for it instead of purple. More versatile. I also got another dark denim color. I figure since I have to stop wearing most of my other jeans, I need to restock good dark blue, right?

I'm also trying to revamp my top collection, but I'm not sure which direction to go.

I love sweaters, but I can't handle wearing anything with sleeves underneath them and I'm kinda over camisoles right now - at least for layering purposes. The weather in Malibu is oddly unpredictable and I can't go taking off my sweater if all I have underneath is a dinky tanktop I wouldn't even sleep in.

Suggestions? Help!

As promised, everybody is rockin their body in this Old Navy commercial.

Watch it. Relive 1998 and let your heart smile as you imagine two-face Kevin Richardson in a top hat just in time for Halloween.

And since I reminded myself of two-faced Kevin, I needed to pull that up and share. Enjoy!

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