Monday, May 6, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 18

Sunday we were recovering from our minibreak, so I did not have a chance to work out. To be perfectly frank, I had enough time, but I really wasn't feeling well because of all the fatty foods and booze consumed over there. Womp womp. Real life.

Monday I picked it back up with P90X. I have officially completed week one - even though its taken me about two weeks. Monday night was Kenpo X. It was also the day T and I sat down and put together our slightly ridiculous fitness plan.

Tuesday morning I got up early and did P90X Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X. I'm calling it Day 8. I felt great about it in the morning, but then my plans to power through "blow the doors off the gym Tuesday" were foiled when I was hit by a wave of exhaustion that afternoon, which quickly escalated into a low-grade migraine and had me couch-bound and nauseous for the better part of the evening.

Wednesday I drove out to the Sh'Oaks after work for Crossfit. It was my second time, but since the first time had been 2 weeks earlier, everyone kept saying it was my first time. Oh well. We did a lot of shoulder work that night, which was kinda rough since my shoulders and back were still pretty tired and sore from the day before, but I powered through it - got some corrections on my form and learned a few new things. :)

Thursday morning was Plyometrics. I got up early again. Hooray! As of Wednesday I'm officially doing to techlovedesign 30 day challenge. My challenge for myself is to get up an hour earlier every day to exercise. So far, so good. :) That night I taught my class, which I am feeling more confident about every week. :)

Friday morning I did Yoga X. It was supposed to be shoulders and arms, but my shoulders were still pretty tired from Wednesday. That night hopped on a plane and flew out of town to spend the weekend with T's BFF and his family.

Saturday I thought I might be able to get up early and do a set of 55s, but that did not happen. We got in so late on Friday night that we barely made it up for our friends' 7 year old's little league game that morning.

How was your week?

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