Monday, May 27, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 21

Still not recovered from my complete lack of weekends.

Sunday I did the first hour of F.I.T. at home. I stopped because I ran out of time. I had to get ready for the final day of my mommy/baby teacher training. It was SO tough. I tried to get my new fancy heart rate monitor working, but I think I may have set it up wrong because it wasn't picking up my heart beat at all. I had a heart rate of zero... totally possible.
At the teacher training later, we (the future teachers of mommy/baby yoga) participated in class with the mommies and babies. We did her "detox class", so I basically got a second workout that day.

Monday was a big big day for my yoga practice. I took Power Yoga. NBD, I do that all the time. Here is why it was important for me. Last April, I joined in on the Team Beach Body Photo Challenge. On the day the prompt was "goal", I posted this:

I didn't realize that just over a year later I would actually be able to do it. Monday night, after over an hour of shoulder and core prep, we went to the wall to practice. I've been able to get  up at the wall for ages, but only recently have I started playing with pulling both of my feet off the wall. This picture is basically halfway between two poses - feathered peacock and scorpion. I haven't tried to do this pose exactly, but I have been working on the two separate poses. And Monday night, I HELD my feet away from the wall in BOTH. Boom.

Tuesday I went back for Blow the Doors Off the Gym Tuesday - which is really just me taking Total Fit Body followed by Yoga Flow, but it's two full hours or hard work. Thus the name.

Wednesday night I missed all the classes I would have liked to go to, so I rolled out my mat in the dining room, put on some music and got going. I really tried to challenge myself and I think I was pretty successful - lots of balance, arms, abs - tough stuff. I was pleased.

Thursday night I taught my class. It was a fun class. My cousin just graduated from college and moved back home to the Valley, and he came out for my class this week. It was so great to have him there. Also, super huge congrats to him for graduating from Notre Dame - seriously!

Friday morning I got up crazy early and went to 6am "restorative yoga" I put it in quotations for a couple of reasons. It's at a gym. This is going to come across as a little snobby. Please forgive me. Gym's just do not have the same kind of yoga that you will get at a studio. Most often, they don't keep props, so you're limited in the postures you can do. Next, there are such a wide variety of people that come to class - most with limited but extremely varying yoga experience - another big limitation. And finally, the gym atmosphere is just different. There's a whole different mindset and approach to yoga that has more to do with fitness than spirituality and proper alignment. I don't mean to make gym yoga sound bad, because it's not AT ALL. I first fell in love with yoga in a gym class. It's just different, y'all - in a lot of ways more so now that I'm a yoga instructor. Anyway, restorative yoga uses a ton of props - bolsters, blocks, straps, pillows, chairs, anything and everything you can think of to get the body into comfortable/restorative positions. Without access to the props, the class becomes a gentle morning yoga class. AND THAT'S OKAY.  Great even. It is what it is.  This is the class that I'm taking over for 5 weeks starting next month. 

Saturday we just cleaned out and painted the garage. That was my yoga - even though that work left me in desperate need of some time on the mat.

Sorry for the long post today. Happy Memorial Day!

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