Friday, May 3, 2013

Some Links & Some Stuff; 2

I'm getting my hairs cut todaaaaaay! Unrelated to anything except that I was making goofy faces at my phone earlier this week.

This girl is so wonderful and so talented, and I am so so happy for her success, but let's be real; when someone you went to college with shows up on your favorite shows, it takes away some of the illusion. *name drop* I live in LA and I know famous people and that makes me cool... no, not really... at all. 

This is Tracee. She is one of my teachers. I could listen to her talk for hours on end. She has free online meditations and videos that you should use.

This is such an amazingly helpful article - 14 different types of yoga explained.

Yoga gurus buying twitter followers? This makes me the sad.

These cookies. That's all.

In case you need a little nudge today.

Lots of red head humor happening in my neck of the woods lately. Can't believe I hadn't seen this before.

That's all for now, my friends. Have a fantastical weekend!

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