Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 19

Don't judge my resolution

Sunday all I managed to do was buy myself a couple of new pair of sunglasses. Between flying back home, getting out to my mom's art fair, celebrating come semblance of cinco de mayo, I was just too dang tired. Kind of a lame excuse, but it is what it is.

Monday I got back to my home studio for the first time in weeks. First time in months back in Wayne's Power Yoga class. It was great. The class moved at a perfect pace. There was a really fantastic energy in the room. He focused on shoulders, which I kinda needed after last week, so that was awesome. I worked my ass off and sweated a ton.

Tuesday I convinced my sister to finally activate her Groupon and come to Pure Barre with me. She has pretty much the same stance I do - it's boring. We both felt like we would be sore the next day, but the actual process of getting to that point was excruciatingly boring at times. It was nice to have someone to commiserate with.

Wednesday was a big big BIG day. I thought I might take power yoga between the two classes I subbed, but I need to go home and put my head back on after feeling not great about my first class. And you know what happened after that. I walked around the studio a lot. Does that count as exercise? No? Dang.

Thursday I though for a second that I might get up early so exercise, but I ended up only getting up early enough for a leisurely breakfast. When I got home from teaching my class later, I was also feeling very leisurely, so the relaxing continued.

Friday I got home from work and jumped right into Kenpo X. I wore shoes this time. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I don't usually wear shoes when I workout at home. It's EXTREMELY rare.

Saturday I had this fantasy that I would get up early before we drove down to SD and go for a run, but I was kidding myself. Seriously.

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