Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 x 30; Run 100 Miles (2nd Progress Report)

Last Friday, I met up with a friend for drinks after work, and we got to talking about all our workouts and what we're working on and it came up that she is running the Giant Race Half Marathon the first weekend in August - and how that is just two weeks away.
Then it dawned on me, that my half marathon is only one month after hers... and I had not started training.


I hadn't even been pushing myself much towards completing my 100 miles for my 30 x 30.

Oops again.

So, Monday evening, after sitting in the car for an hour and 45 minutes in the worst traffic ever - ALL FOUR lanes were closed on the 101 at Lost Hills - I changed into my workout clothes, put on my running shoes, set up my heart rate monitor, my running playlist and my Nike Run app, complete with totally awesome armband to carry my phone, and I got going.

I just ran until I couldn't anymore. I ran until my side cramped and my knee was screaming at me, and then I ran home, and by "ran home", I mean, hobbled awkwardly at a pace slightly more run-like and faster than walking.

It was definitely a wake-up call. I can't screw around with this running business.

So, here's where I am with this right now. I have a half marathon to train for and I'm less worried about completing my 100 by 30 since I've completed 42.5 miles thus far, and I'm pretty confident most - if not all - of the remaining 57.5 miles will get eaten up by my training. The half marathon alone is 13.1.

I'm committing myself to my training as of now.

Those three steps I talked about in my last running update back in February?
1. Take the jog outdoors - No problemo, yo. It's beautiful out these summer evenings and the sun it setting so late, I have plenty of time after work.
2. Playlists, not Pandora - YES! This is helping so much! I need some more help with music suggestions though. Do you have any great motivational running music you love? My problem is that I find songs/albums I love for running and then I play them until they bore me... and then they totally lose their Oomph.
3. Run in the morning - This is still a no. I'm trying, but I've been beat lately and the mornings are the worst, so I'll give this another go and keep you posted.

Something else I've done? Last night after my run, I recommitted to the RunKeeper App on my phone. It tells me when, how far to run, and how much to push myself. Tonight I'm supposed to run a "4 mile easy". Even though I'm way behind on my training, it's too late to start at the beginning, so I'm just going to do the very best I can and keep doing my very best all the way through. :) Because in just a few days I'm supposed to run 10 miles at "race pace" - which currently is the same as my easy pace - and I'm really not sure I'm going to be able to do it.  That will be the furthest I've ever run, so I'm just going to do my best and see what happens. :)

Do you run? Do you have any tips, motivation, music, you'd like to share?

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