Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Date Day; The Getty & Santa Monica

This past Saturday my honey and I spent the entire day together. We walked Panda together, went to the gym together in the morning, spent the afternoon at the Getty, and then had a lovely dinner and walk around Santa Monica.

Here's what it looked like...

Gazing out over Los Angeles. That's downtown all the way over on the left. You can just barely make out the tall buildings through the haze.

Not a great shot, but its the only picture I have of us from that day.

We're clever. The fb caption for this is "Just taking it all in"

Here we have half & half, nonfat milk, and "regular". I went on a not-so-serious rant about "who are they to decide what is regular"

Dinner @ Brick+Mortar

My spicy margarita. Jalapeno infused tequila and pinapple juice. Definitely will be figuring out how to make this.

Looking up wine reviews before ordering... like nerds.

Baked brie with pears and caramelized onions.

In front, my shortribs with mushroom risotto. Left, his lamb with mozzarella polenta. Back, brussel sprouts with bacon balsamic glaze.

When we got home, we ended the evening by splitting the COOLHAUS Caramia Lehrer (snickerdoodle cookie with salted caramel ice cream) I'd picked up at Sprouts a few days earlier.

Everything about our day together was lovely. Even though it was crazy hot in the Valley, venturing to the West side, where the ocean breeze wasn't blocked by the mountains was definitely the way to go.

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