Thursday, July 18, 2013

Make It Happen

Every week in the be happy link up, I am so inspired. I am inspired by all of these wonderful women and what they're doing to take control of their lives and be as happy as possible.
Thus far, for me, it hasn't really been about taking initiative. Since my default is to err towards anxiety, the struggle for me has been to just be happy how I am no matter what. Love life and emit love.

I didn't even really realize that I was doing things to make myself happier. I was taking initiative and making things happen - rather than just letting things happen to me and being disappointed with the outcome. How naive of me to have lived that way for so long.

But here I am, days away from my 29th birthday, taking some control of my life. Finally doing what makes me happy because I decided I wanted to and I made it happen.

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