Monday, July 22, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 29

This week was out of control. So much teaching in conjunction with trying to push myself now that I'm healthy again. Whoa.

Sunday I taught the first mommy and baby class at the studio! It was a blast. I only had one mommy, but she brought her baby (duh) and her own momma to class. We had a ton of fun.
I wasn't quite up to challenging myself with my own exercise yet, but I got a little bit of a workout doing the demos in class, which I felt good about.

Monday I taught at 7am and 430pm at the gym. Then I stayed in the studio from 530 to 630 for the combat cardio class, which was SO HARD. My first day back exercising and I got my butt kiiiiicked.

Tuesday was a weird day. I subbed at 730 and 1030. So for the two hours I had between classes, I went and hung out with my mom, and we did some mellow yoga. I passed out a lot of business cards this week. People coming up to me, knowing I'm a sub and wanting to know when they can come to MY classes. It's a wonderful feeling, but it's bittersweet to have to tell them I don't have any mixed level flow classes at a studio. So, I've been hawking yoga in the park and passing out business cards.
Tuesday night I took Power Yoga for the first time in almost 2 weeks, which was amazing. Yoga is challenging every day. Keeping that mentality throughout the day and just breathing through things is such a huge feat, but on the mat, it's easy. One the mat, I can push my body and make these ever-so-subtle adjustments to my form that make such a huge difference in how I feel mentally and emotionally. It's peace and it's triumph.

Wednesday I was maybe the most tired ever. Teaching is the morning was a challenge. I managed to power through the day and get my butt over to Cardio Barre at 530. I didn't check the schedule online though, so I didn't know there was a sub and I wouldn't get class with one of my favorite teachers. Sad face. It was still a good class though. Not a fan of releve's in 2nd position. Don't think I ever will be.

Thursday I taught and I thought maaaaybe I could do some exercise after class, but I didn't. Also, I still love teaching. Happiness.

Friday I taught my last AM restorative class at the WHAC - well, I don't know if it was my LAST last, but the regular teacher is back in town after 6 weeks away, so my long term subbing gig is over. That night I met a friend for drinks on the way home from work, so exercise was a no go.

Saturday I was back on my mat for Power Yoga. It was so hard. I guess Mercury is in retrograde, which is the going explanation for why everything and everyone is so tired/tiring lately. So, that class kicked me in the arse. I also got to chat with the studio owner about some upcoming subbing that she needs, so I'm signed on to teach three power yoga classes over the next week and a half. It's pretty exciting stuff. Power yoga is a lot of fun, so I am super pumped.

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