Monday, July 1, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 26

Happy halfway through 2013! Can you believe it? I'm ringing in the halfway point by giving up potato chips. Over the weekend, hubs and I bought a bag and I just could not stop eating them. I didn't even want anymore and I would just reach into the bag and grab a couple. I do this every time. So, I've decided to give them up. Apparently, it's hugely challenging, but I'm doing it.

Sunday I got up and taught another class. I'm hearing good things, so I want to keep it going. *fingers crossed, y'all. I feel like Sally Field. ANYWAY, my inlaws hit the road while I was gone, so I didn't feel like a jerk running over to Cardio Barre a little later in the morning. I've been feeling sore lately. I don't know if that's because I've been working harder or because I'm just really tired. My plan is to power through it though. 

Monday I left work just a smidgy smidge early to make it back into the Valley by 530 for Advanced Cardio Barre because I got a call that morning asking if I could sub a 730 class. Of course I said yes, but that limited the time I had to work out. CB was awesome. Totally got my butt kicked. Had some minor piriformis annoyance, but I worked with it and got through my workout. Then had time to run home and shower before heading back out to teach class.

Tuesday night I was back at the WHAC for Total Fit Body. I love this gym so much. There is such a great sense of community there that you really don't get with the bigger gyms. Since I've been subbing a lot lately, one of the girls at the front desk has been calling me "one of us now", which is really flipping cool.

Wednesday I taught my class in the morning and then that night I went straight from work to Power Yoga. It was a smallish class by power yoga standards and there were a lot of teachers and training graduates there, so, while she kept the class really simple in terms of what she asked us to do, she left it to us to challenge ourselves and we totally did. It was such a cool class. We were all so completely in our own space and out of our heads that is just flowed. Awe-some.

Thursday night I taught my class. I thought about going for a run afterward, but just didn't get around to it. I tried to eat a super healthy dinner to make up for it, but ended up opening up the pistachio gelato. Oops.

Friday I got up early again to teach, and then instead of lounging around for all my extra time, I got up and took Panda for a walk - just a quick mile loop, but it felt so good for us both to get out and do something early in the morning, especially since I knew how hot it was going to get later in the day. That night I was back at the WHAC for Combat Cardio - always a challenge.

Saturday morning I tried the Pump It Up class at the gym. Same instructor as the combat cardio class. It was hard. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor, so I don't know what my calorie burn was like, but I definitely plan on taking it again, so I'll bring my HR monitor along next time. :)

If you've made it this far reading (first, thank you), here's a little summary for ya; I've been working out hard this week. I've been burning calories and building muscle left and right, but I don't feel good and here's why: ICE CREAM, and general overeating of junk food. So, I've basically been eating so much not good stuff that I've cancelled out any forward momentum I feel like I would have gained. This para is a promise to myself that I will do better.

That's all for this week, y'all. Catcha on the flip side.

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