Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Day of Meals

There's a lot of discussion in the yoga community about diet - vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, gluten free. Everyone has an opinion and its okay to listen and take them to heart, and its okay to nod and smile. My experience in yoga has, among other things, emphasized to me how different each and every one of us are. We all walk onto the mat from different physical, emotional and mental places.
Even though we strive towards our deepest practice, each day our deepest is different. So it becomes ever so much more important to let go of comparisons and judgement and let yourself be how you are.
I believe that this applies to every aspect of life - including the foods we choose to eat.

I recently read an article on YOGANONYMOUS. It was a breakdown on what this vegetarian all organic eating yogi had to eat on an average day, and while I sometimes find it frustrating that folks feel it necessary to point out that they're eating all-organic non GMO gluten free raw everything all the time, I really liked the end goal. She wrote
My unsolicited advice to you? Don’t waste time or risk your health on fad diets. Practice yoga most days of the week if you crave it. Ride your bike in good weather if it doesn't hurt your ass. If it does, get a squishy seat. Enjoy robust health and sleep enough so you feel like car-singing on your commute.
Eat what you want. Try to be healthy and do what's good for your body. Read labels, etc, but ultimately, do what feels right for you.

In that spirit, I decided to share what feels right for me. What meals give me the energy and satisfaction to carry me through the day without an ounce of self loathing. Maybe this helps you, maybe it doesn't, but it's out there now. This is what I ate on Monday, August 19th. No generalizations. No leaving anything out.

Breakfast @ 8:15am: 
1/2 cup of Daisy 4% milkfat cottage cheese, and a large peach
Homemade hazelnut latte - half cup of 2% milk, 2 oz espresso, and 2 tsp hazelnut syrup

Lunch @ 12:30pm:
Safeway Chicken Enchilada Soup
Half an avocado
Medium Gala apple

Dinner @ 9:15pm:
Homemade turkey burger patty with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and spinach
Roasted broccoli
Glass of red wine

Outshine Strawberry Fruit Bar
Frozen Go-gurt

That's it.
I won't lie to you though. Knowing that I was documenting everything and would later be posting it online made me super conscious of what I was eating. It made me want to snack less and avoid the crap altogether.
Let's end this post with a hoo-rah though. For anyone who's not feeling good about themselves or their bodies, I hope this helps.
You want to feel better? Do some f*cking pushups and eat three squares. You’re not broken. You’re He-Man. You’re She-Ra. Put some bass in your voice and ride into the sunset.

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